List of Goddess TULSI (TULASI) DEVI Names with Meaning | What are the different names of Tulsi Maharani? | What are the names of Krishna Tulsi? | Who is Tulsi God?

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Just before moving towards to know about “List of Goddess TULSI (TULASI) DEVI Names with Meaning | What are the different names of Tulsi Maharani? | What are the names of Krishna Tulsi? | Who is Tulsi God?“, let us know few basic and important information.

Just before going to know about “List of Goddess Tulsi different names“, let us understand the divine meaning of the name Tulasi (Tulsi) in Sanskrit.

Tulasi name meaningTulasi = Tula + asi = Weighable + Can’t. In Sanskrit, Tula means weighable and asi means can’t.

Thus, Tulasi means, she is someone who can’t be matched.

Goddess Tulasi’s beauty, divineness, sacredness, etc. can’t be matched with anyone as she is an amsha (part) of Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi.

Tulasi is having great reverence in Hindu Sanatana Dharma. No pooja is complete without the use of Tulasi leaves.

Especially for Lord Sri Vishnu (Krishna / Rama), Tulasi is the most favourite plant for worship. 

Without Tulasi plant’s parts (leaf, branch, petals etc.), Lord Sri Vishnu (Krishna / Rama) will never ever be happy and satisfied with our pooja.

Now, let us know the “List of Goddess Tulsi names”.

List of Goddess Sri Tulasi (Tulsi) Devi names are as given below:

1. Vrinda (वृन्दा) (vr̥nda), 2. Vrindavani (वृन्दावानी) (vr̥ndāvanī), 3. Nandini (नंदिनी) (nandinī), 4. Pushpasara (पुष्पसारा) (puṣpasārā),

5. Tulasi (तुलसी) (tuḷasī), 6. Vishvapoojita (विश्वपूजिता) (viśvapūjitā), 7. Krishna Jeevani (कृष्ण जीवनी) (kr̥ṣṇa jīvanī), 8. Vishva Pavani (पुष्प पावनी) (viśva pāvanī).

Anyone who chant these 8 Great Names of Sri Tulasi (Tulsi) Devi on daily basis, will get the same results as performing Ashvamedha yagna.

(These above names are called as Ashta naama / Eight very important names of Goddess Sri Tulasi / Tulsi Devi)

List of Goddess Tulasi (Tulsi) Devi names with meaning are as given below:

Vrinda (वृन्दा) (vr̥nda) : The goddess of all plant and trees (even if one Tulasi plant is present in a forest it can be called Vrindavana.)

Vrindavani (वृन्दावानी) (vr̥ndāvanī) : One who first manifested in Vrindavana.

Nandini (नंदिनी) (nandinī) : Seeing whom gives unlimited bliss to the bhaktas / devotees.

Pushpasara (पुष्पसारा) (puṣpasārā) : The topmost of all flowers, without whom Bhagavan Sri Krishna does not like to look upon other flowers.

Tulasi (तुलसी) (tuḷasī) : One who has no comparison.

Vishvapoojita (विश्वपूजिता) (viśvapūjitā) : One whom the whole universe worships.

Krishna Jeevani (कृष्ण जीवनी) (kr̥ṣṇa jīvanī) : The life and love of Lord Sri Krishna.

Vishva Pavani (पुष्प पावनी) (viśva pāvanī) : One who purifies the three worlds (Universe).

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