List of technology related Sanskrit words with meaning

Sanskrit is the oldest bhasha / language of the world.

Sanskrit is the mother of all the languages around the world.

All the world’s languages are either directly or indirectly originated from Sanskrit bhasha / language itself.

It is called as ‘Devanagari’ bhasha / language, as the same language is spoken in the higher planets like Svarga Loka, Brahma Loka and upto Vaikuntha Loka.

Let us now know few of the ‘Beautiful Sanskrit words with meaning’:

1. aham (अहम्) = I am

2. dUradarzana (दूरदर्शन) = Television (TV)

3. AhAra (आहार) = Food

4. AkAzavANI (आकाशवाणी) = Radio

5. adhyApaka (अध्यापक) = Teacher

6. vAdya yantra (वाद्य यन्त्र) = Musical Instrument

7. chAtra (छात्र) = Student

8. dUravANI (दूरवाणी) = Phone

9. vidyAbhyAsa (विद्याभ्यास) = Education

10. caradUradhvani (चरदूरध्वनि) = Mobile Phone

11. paThana (पठन) = Studying

12. kalA (कला) = Arts

13. antarjAla (अन्तर्जाल) = Internet

14. aGkIya (अङ्कीय) = Digital

15. tantrajJAna (तन्त्रज्ञान) = Technology

16. sutantra (सुतन्त्र) = Information Technology (related to computers)

17. tantrAMza (तन्त्रांश) = Software (related to computers)

18. yantrAMza (यन्त्रांश) = Hardware (related to electronic items)

19. saGgaNaka (सङ्गणक) or saGgaNakayantra (सङ्गणकयन्त्र) = Computer

20. अन्यतर (anyatara) = OR [computer]

21. प्राङ्का (prAGkA) = Mb [computer]

22. प्रति (prati) = Cc [computer]

23. प्रयुताङ्का (prayutAGkA) = Mb [computer]

24. सहाङ्क (sahAGka) = Kb [computer]

25. प्राष्टकान् (prASTakAn) = MB [computer]

26. सहाष्टक (sahASTaka) = KB [computer]

27. सहाष्टम् (sahASTam) = KB [computer]

28. प्रयुताष्टकानि (prayutASTakAni) = MB [computer]

29. कुञ्जिका (kuJjikA) = key [computer]

30. संयोगभाषा (saMyogabhASA) = SQL [computer]

31. संविपृषा (saMvipRSA) = SQL [computer]

32. पङ्क्ति (paGkti) = row [computer]

33. मायूखभिज्ञा (mAyUkhabhijJA) = OCR [computer]

34. मायूखाक्षरप्रत्यभिज्ञा (mAyUkhAkSarapratyabhijJA) = OCR [computer]

35. कुञ्जी (kuJjI) = key [computer]

36. गोप्रति (goprati) = Bcc [computer]

37. समकार (samakAra) = fax [computer]

38. वृत्तलेख (vRttalekha) = log [computer]

39. समकृति (samakRti) = fax [computer]

40. अङ्क (aGka) = bit [computer]

41. दोष (doSa) = bug [computer]

42. सुवाह्यलेखप्रारूप (suvAhyalekhaprArUpa) = PDF [computer]

43. चालन (cAlana) = run [computer]

44. वृत्त (vRtta) = log [computer]

45. स्खलित (skhalita) = bug [computer]

46. चिह्न (cihna) = tag [computer]

47. सूचपद (sUcapada) = tag [computer]

48. हारक (hAraka) = bus [computer]

49. वाहक (vAhaka) = bus [computer]

50. सहर्ट्स् (saharTs) = KHz [computer]

51. कील (kIla) = key [computer]

52. अनुष्ठान (anuSThAna) = run [computer]

53. कार्य (kArya) = job [computer]

54. एकतर (ekatara) = XOR [computer]

55. इतिवृत्त (itivRtta) = log [computer]

56. अङ्कन (aGkana) = tag [computer]

57. चालयति (cAlayati) = run [computer]

58. संवृणुते (saMvRNute) = zip [computer]

59. संवृणोति (saMvRNoti) = zip [computer]

60. सङ्कुचति (saGkucati) = zip [computer]

61. अनुतिष्ठति (anutiSThati) = run [computer]

62. पठन (paThana) = read [computer]

63. विस्थूल (visthUla) = bold [computer]

64. मातृका (mAtRkA) = file [computer]

65. अवस्था (avasthA) = mode [computer]

66. सूचिका (sUcikA) = menu [computer]

67. आवलि (Avali) = list [computer]

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