Lord Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) story – Part 2 of Part 5 | Lord Venkateswara and Padmavati marriage | Lord Balaji and Padmavati marriage

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Just before going to “Lord Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) story – Part 2 of Part 5 | Lord Venkateswara and Padmavati marriage | Lord Balaji and Padmavati marriage“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

This is in continuation from “Lord Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) story – Part 1“:

Tritiya / Third Adhyaya

About Svami Pushkarini

Once upon a time, Goddess Sri Sarasvati Devi did the penance and wanted to be shrestta / better than Gangaadi sakala tirthas (Ganga and other tirtha kshetra rivers).  

At that particular time Maharishi Pulastya came there.  

Maharishi Pulastya was Goddess Sri Sarasvati Devi’s son and she neglected Maharishi Pulastya.

Thus, Maharishi Pulastya cursed his own mother Goddess Sri Sarasvati Devi’s intention of becoming the superior does not yield good result.  

On the other hand, Goddess Sri Sarasvati Devi also cursed Maharishi Pulastya to born in a Rakshasa vamsha / family.

Goddess Sri Sarasvati Devi continued her tapas / penance once again and pleased Lord Sri Vishnu and asked Lord Sri Vishnu to make her superior than all the rivers.  

But Lord Sri Vishnu told Goddess Sri Sarasvati Devi, that as Maharishi Pulastya has cursed her and thus she can’t become superior than Sri Ganga Devi.  

But instead, Goddess Sri Sarasvati Devi can become superior amongst all Pushkarinis.

And Lord Sri Vishnu asked her to go to Sheshagiri and stay there and that he (Lord Sri Vishnu) will also come there at a later date.  

In this way, Svami Pushkarini became the shresta pushkarini (best ponds) among all the Pushkarini. 

Snana, paana, Pitru Shraddha, shaligrama daana, Go (cow) daana and other daanas in Svami Pushkarini will yield special punya / blessings.  

In Svami Pushkarini there are 3 ½ Crore Tirthas.

Also, there is a saannidya (presence) of svayam Lord Sri Vishnu in Svami Pushkarini.  

The matsyas / fishes, kurmas / tortoise, sarpas / snakes, makaras / crocodiles in this Tirtha are svayam Devatas (Demigods.

Earlier a King named Shanka did the snana / bath in Svami Pushkarini with proper sankalpa and got kingdom, and he reached directly to Svarga Loka.

A Brahamana named Narayana did the snana / bath in Svami Pushkarini and got Vishnu Loka (Vaikuntha).

Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu did snana / bath here in Swami Pushkarini, and got back Sri Sita.

(We should remember that Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu need not to perform anything for himself,)

(but he performed just for the sake of loka shikshanaartham, that is, to teach lessons to the ordinary humans).

About Narayanagiri

A long time ago, there lived a Brahmana (Brahmin) and his name was Narayana.

Narayana Brahmana did penance by doing snana / bath in Swami Pushkarini.  

Lord Sri Maha Vishnu came in front of this Narayana Brahmana, as Narayana Bhahmana had done tapas and thus this place was named as Narayanagiri.

Towards the Svami Pushkarini’s west side, Lord Sri Varaha Swamy with Goddess Sri Bhudevi is staying there.

There, Lord Sri Lakshmipati (Vishnu) wanted to have some place for his stay. 

Thus, Lord Sri Vishnu decided to stay below the tintrinee (tamarind) tree.

In a  valmeeka / ant hill (snake’s hiding place), and stayed there for 10,000 years.

At that time, that place was ruled by Chola Raja.

About Chola Raja (as per saptama / seventh adhyaya, Brahmanda purana)

One upon a time there lived a Dharmika (Follower of Dharma) King named Chola Raja.

Chola Raja once went for hunting in Sheshachala, and killed many wild animals.

(Remember earlier hunting was done only to kill those kind of animals who were causing unnecessary problems to common people).  

Once, Chola Raja saw a beautiful and young girl on the way, who was a naga kanya (Serpent lady), and a daughter of Dhananjaya, a Sarpa Raja (King of serpents).   

During Chola Raja time, cows were giving plenty of milk, children were respecting their parents and all other elders, rain was coming regular & plentifully, farmers used to grow adequate and good crops.

At that particular time to do Bhagavan’s seva (to serve) Lord Sri Brahma Deva came in the form of a Go (cow),

Lord Shiva came as the Calf and Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi came in as a Gollati (cow keeper) to the Chola Raja’s palace.

Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi informed that cow and calf to go to the king and ask Chola Raja to reserve the milk of the cow to:

Bhagavan only and went to back to Karaveerapura (Karveerpur) (Today’s Kolhapur).

But the king forgot the orders of Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi and the cow milk was used for his own child.

The two calf and cow used to go for eating grass along with the other 2,000 cows and searched Lord Sri Venkateswara’s (Lord Sri Vishnu’s avatar) whereabouts.

They found Bhagavan in a valmeeka (वल्मिकि) (ant hill) near Svami Pushkarini and used to feed the entire milk in the Bhagavan (Lord Sri Srinivasa) who was inside the valmeeka (ant hill).

After knowing that the cow is not at all giving milk for a long time, the King’s wife scolded the Gopalaka (cowherd man) and asked him whether the Gopalaka (cowherd man) is taking the milk for himself.  

Next day, the Gopalaka (cowherd man) followed the calf and cow, which went near the valmeeka and was feeding the milk to Bhagavan (Lord Sri Srinivasa).

Here Bhagavan (Lord Sri Srinivasa) was inside the valmeeka and cow was doing the abhisheka to Bhagavan Sri Vishnu (Lord Sri Srinivasa).

This Gopalaka (cowherd man) got angry and took a weapon and wanted to hit at the cow.  

Lord Sri Venkateswara (Srinivasa) (Balaji) (Lord Sri Vishnu avatar), who was in the valmeeka, came out and Gopalaka (cowherd man) pushed the cow back, and the weapon hit at the head of Lord Sri Srinivasa, and blood was flowing. 

By seeing the blood which was flowing from at the head of Lord Sri Srinivasa in at a very high rate, the Gopalaka (cowherd man) died instantly.  

The cow went to the king’s palace and was crying out side the palace of the Chola Raja. 

The king Chola Raja asked his servants to find out as to why this cow is crying.

The servant followed the cow and reported that the Gopalaka (cowherd man) had died and blood was flowing outside his body.   

The king Chola Raja got worried at the amount of blood that had come out of the body of the Gopalaka (cowherd man).

At this time, Lord Sri Vishnu (Sri Srinivasa / Sri Venkateswara) came out of the valmeeka and cursed the Chola Raja that he shall have ‘paishacha janma‘ (ghost’s live).

Lord Sri Srinivasa cursed Chola Raja as he is the head of the state and was responsible for all the good and bad happenings in his kingdom and Chola Raja is responsible for the mistakes of all of his servants too.

Chaturta / Fourth Adhyaya

Later Chola Raja asked Lord Sri Srinivas, as to why he cursed him and what are his mistakes?  

For this Lord Sri Srinivasa pretended as if he is regretting for his mistake of cursing him, and told Chola Raja that the king shall have sorrow till the end of Kali Yuga.  

In future a king called Akasha Raja will be born and he will have a daughter by name Sri Padmavati Devi.

And that the king will give kireeTa (crown) during his kanya daana (marriage rituals where parents of the bridegroom will be give away to the groom) to Lord Sri Srinivasa.

That particular kireeTa (crown) will be made of 2,000 tola gold and also with diamond and other pearls upon it. When Lord Sri Srinivasa wears on the Friday evening.

Also Lord Sri Srinivasa blessed the ghost (Chola Raja) that –

He will be free from the curse when the ghost (Chola Raja) sees a few drops of water coming from his (Lord Sri Srinivasa) eyes and that particular time the ghost (Chola Raja) sees Lord Sri Srinivasa.

This will be for six kshanas (A time frame as per Hinduism) and thus finally the ghost will be free of his curse. 

After this, Lord Sri Srinivasa remembered Sri Brihaspati, the vaidya (doctor) and Guru of the Devatas (Demigods).  

Immediately Sri Brihaspati appears and gives the medicines for his (Lord Sri Srinivasa) head injury.    

Lord Sri Brihaspati told to Lord Sri Srinivasa that the medicine for curing the injury of his head is:

“You have to take arka tree (yakki tree) and karpasa, to take the milk out of it. That milky fluid should be applied on the wound repeatedly”.

Lord Sri Srinivasa thought like this –

“This valmeeka tree is Sri Kausalya Devi and the tintrini tree is the king Dasharatha and this Sheshachala is the younger brother Lakshmana and also Vaikuntha parvata is Ayodhya”.

Like this Lord Sri Srinivasa imagined about the Lord Sri Rama avatar.

Lord Sri Srinivasa also remembered Lord Sri Krishna avatar like this:

“This valmeeka is Sri Devaki Devi, the tintrini tree is his father Sri Vasudeva and Sri Balarama is Sheshachala

and also that the Mathura is Vaikunthachala (Venkadatri) and also Svami Pushkarini river is Yamuna, all the animals are yadavas and the birds are Gopika strees.”

Also Lord Sri Srinivasa continued to remember like this:

“In this Venkatachalam (Venkatadri) parvata (hill), Mukta Brahmas (Earlier Lord Brahmas) will be in birds form,

Mukta Rudras (Earlier Lord Shivas) and Mukta Sheshas will be in the form of divine animals, Sanata Kumaras will be in the form of monkeys”. 

Even Brahma-Rudra-Indra and other Devatas (Demigods) are unable to understand the importance of Sheshachalam (Sheshadri) hill.

Whoever gets the human form and desires to visit Sheshachalam (Sheshadri), the person would be equivalent to one who had done all kinds of dharmic activities.

Even Lord Sri Brahma Deva, Lord Shiva, Lord Sri Indra Deva and other Devatas (Demigods) do not fully understand the mahimas (greatness) of Venkatachalam (Venkatadri) hill.

(As it belongs to Lord Sri Srinivasa and is similar to Bhu Vaikuntha – Vaikuntha of Earth).

Being this is the case, an ordinary human beings like us who is having very very less knowledge and who takes birth again and again,

do not understand the greatness of Venkatachalam (Venkatadri) hill and this need not be told at all.

|| Thus ends the fourth (chaturthi) adhyaya of Lord Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) ||

Panchama / fifth Adhyaya

About Lord Sri Srinivasa Kalyana (marriage) and Akasha Raja

Rishi Shounaka and other Rishis asked Sri Sutacharya Ji to tell about Lord Sri Srinivasa’s kalyana (marriage) mahotsava and also about Akasha Raja. 

Thus, Sri Sutacharya Ji continued the Lord Sri Srinivasa (Lord Venkateswara) (Lord Balaji) kalyanam (marriage) story as given below:

Once, Lord Sri Srinivasa left early at Arunodaya kaala (before sunrise) itself, to get treatment for his head.

On the way, Lord Sri Varaha Svamy, who was hunting, came along with his other boars.

At that time, all the varahas (boars) enquired with Lord Sri Srinivasa about his identity.  

On seeing those varahas, Lord Sri Srinivasa disappeared for some time.  

Lord Sri Varaha (an avatar of Lord Sri Vishnu) went to his own another avatar of Lord Sri Srinivasa and both together talked:

for some time with each other (this is only for loka vidambana – drama / leela / pastime).

On seeing this KroDa-Srinivasa (Vahara Swamy and Srinivasa) dialogue, Lord Sri Brahma Deva and other Devatas (Demigods) started praising and did pushpa vrishti (showered divine flowers) on both of them.  

Lord Sri Vishnu plays like an ordinary man yuga anusara (as per the yugas), desha anusara (as per different places), kaala anusara (as per time), and as per the age factor.

Then Lord Sri Varaha Svamy asked his own another avatar of Lord Sri Srinivasa as to why he had to leave Vaikuntha.  

Lord Sri Srinivasa explained the circumstances under which Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi left the Vaikuntha and reached Kolhapur (Karaveerapura) (Karveerpur).

How Maharishi Bhrigu hit at the Vaksha Sthala (Chest part) of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, and how Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi left Vaikuntha, and he had to leave Vaikuntha searching for Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi.

How after reaching Bhuloka (Earth), he was staying in a valmeeka (वल्मिकि) and the how Gopalaka (cowherd man) hit his weapon on the head of Lord Sri Vishnu (Srinivasa) and also how he is was under medication.

Lord Sri Srinivasa asked Lord Sri Varaha Svamy to give some place for his stay in Bhuloka (Earth) up to the end of the Kali Yuga and as a token of value for his stay.  

Lord Sri Srinivasa acted as if he has no money to give and made sure that he will give back all the money in future.  

Lord Sri Srinivasa also explained that the people would be rushing to see him (Lord Sri Srinivasa) and will be giving gifts to him.

Lord Sri Srinivasa also told that all Lord Sri Srinivasa’s devotees must first have the darshanam of Lord Sri Varaha Svamy first.

This is the gift which he (Lord Sri Srinivasa) will give to Lord Sri Varaha Svamy.

First naivedya, first Ksheera Abhisheka, first tirtha sevana (to consume) should be done to Lord Sri Varaha Svamy and then later to him (Lord Sri Srinivasa).

On hearing Lord Sri Srinivasa’s request, Lord Sri Varaha Svamy, gave him 100 steps of bhoo pradesha (place).

The above explanation may cause confusion to the ordinary people, that Lord Sri Srinivasa and Lord Sri Varaha Svami are different, as they behaved in a different styles.    

[Kindly remember that there is no bedha / difference in Bhagavan’s any avatar or moola roopa (original form)].

[If we start to think that there is any difference, this will lead to  mahaa pataka (great sins).]

(In Treta Yuga also Dasharatha Rama & Bhargava Rama (Parashurama), that is, two avatars of Bhagavan were same.)

[Similarly in Dvapara Yuga, Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Sri Parashurama and Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji all the three avatars were same.]

(They had met at the same place and at the same time in different dress.)

[This is only loka shikshanaartham (to teach to the ordinary humans). We must never confuse them with bedha chintana (Having difference).]

(Similarly Lord Sri Krishna’s consorts Goddess Sri Satyabhama Devi and Goddess Sri Rukmini Devi both seems to have some misunderstanding during their avatars in Sri Krishna avatar period.)

[But one should remember that, this is, only for loka reetya (To teach to common people) and both the forms of Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi – that is, Sri & Durga are one and the same.]

(Same holds good with is Sri Hanuman, Sri Bhimasena and Sri Madhvacharya Ji. All these three are the avatars of Sri Vayu Deva).

About Lord Sri Varaha Swamy deity(murthy) at Svami Pushkarini

Even in today’s date, priests are doing Lord Sri Varaha Svamy’s archanam thrice a day and also doing naivedya.

And the rice is brought from the cooking hall meant for Lord Sri Srinivasa’s naivedya.   

The Lord Sri Varaha Swamy near Svami Pushkarini (pond) got the greatness and prestige by directly Lord Sri Brahma Deva.

In Venkatachalam (Venkatadri) (Today’s Tirupati / Tirumala), Lord Sri Srinivasa and Lord Sri Varaha Svamy both are staying for loka mohanaartham (to uplift the good people and to do the infatuation of the demonic people).

Lord Sri Varaha Svamy sent in Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi to do the seva (serve) of Lord Sri Srinivasa, who used to serve with:

Vishesha anna (Special food), ksheera (Milk) and others paaneeya samarpana (serving other divine drinks) to Lord Sri Srinvasa.

Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi was medicating Lord Sri Srinivasa and was also used to blow hand fan (हस्त चलित पंखा) when Lord Sri Srinivasa was sleeping, etc.

Vaibhava (glory) of Venkatadri (Venkatachalam) hill (Today’s Tirupati / Tirumala)

For the praise of Venkatadri hill, even Sri Adishesha Naga who has 1,000 heads, 6 headed Shanmukha (Lord Kartikeya), 5 headed Lord Shiva, 4 headed Lord Sri Brahma Deva also not fully capable.

गुरु स्त्री गमनाश्चंद्रो अहल्या संगतो हरि: । सुरापानाश्च शुक्रस्तु सुवर्ण हरिणाद्बलि: ।

ಗುರು ಸ್ತ್ರೀ ಗಮನಾಶ್ಚಂದ್ರೋ ಅಹಲ್ಯಾ ಸಂಗತೋ ಹರಿ: | ಸುರಾಪಾನಾಶ್ಚ ಶುಕ್ರಸ್ತು ಸುವರ್ಣ ಹರಿಣಾದ್ಬಲಿ: |

guru strī gamanāścandrō ahalyā saṅgatō hari: | surāpānāśca śukrastu suvarṇa hariṇādbali: |

In this same Venkatadri (Venkatachalam) (Today’s Tirupati / Tirumala), Devatas (Demigods) like Lord Sri Surya Deva, Lord Sri Chandra Deva,

Lord Sri Indra Deva and others got the parihara (relief) of their paapaas of gurudhaaraabhigamana (गुरुधाराभीगमन) and other paapaas (sins). 

Sage (Rishi) Sukracharya (Demon’s Guru) was freed of his paapaa of drinking surapana (A kind of alcohol).

In Venkatachalam (Venkatadri) hill, Lord Sri Varaha Svamy is there with Dhara Devi (Bhudevi / mother earth), that is why it is called as “Varaha kshetra”.

For the Jnaanis (knowledgeable people), this hill looks like golden hill, so it is called as Kanakadri (kanaka in Sanskrit means gold).

A Brahmana (Brahmin) named Narayana did the tapas here, so it is Narayanadri.

It is brought from Vaikuntha by svayam Lord Sri Garuda Deva, so it is Vaikuntadri or Garudadri.

To save Prahlada, Lord Sri Narasimha appeared here itself and thus is called as Naarasimhadri or Simhadri.

Sri Anjana Devi, the mother of Lord Sri Hanuman, did the tapas here, so it is known as Anjanadri.

Neela (Ramayana period Nala-Neela’s Neela) named monkey was staying here and so it is called as Neeladri.

Kalau to bhaaratha varshe maanushaM janma durlabhaM | tatO veNkaTayaatraa cha durlabhaa sukrutaM vinaa ||

Meaning of this shloka is, during Kali Yuga getting Manushya janma (Human knowledge) is itself is very very difficult and in that Venkatadri hill yaatra is highly rare.

If we do not have poorva janma punya vishesha (good deeds of our earlier lives), it is not possible at all.

Who is this Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi

Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi, is the wife of a Vasu (read as वसु and not as वासु / Vaasu) named Drona (not Dronacharya).

And this Drona’s wife is Sri Dhara Devi (Sri Bakula / Vakula Devi is an avatar of this Sri Dhara Devi).

Sri Dhara Devi is the abhimani devata (Controlling Demigod) for the Bhoomi (Earth) in tirtha kshetra.  

During Lord Sri Krishna’s avatar, Sri Yashoda Devi was the mother of Lord Sri Krishna.

But Sri Yashoda Devi was under the impression that Lord Sri Krishna is her own son, even though she knows that he is the Bhagavan (God).  

Because of this, Sri Yashoda Devi could not see any of Lord Sri Krishna’s marriage.  

Sri Yashoda Devi had asked Lord Sri Krishna to allow her to see his marriage and thus Lord Sri Krishna had assured that in Kali Yuga as below:

When she (Sri Yashoda Devi) is again born as Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi, Lord Sri Krishna in his avatar of Lord Sri Srinivasa will marry Goddess Sri Padmavati Devi.  

Now, Sri Yashoda Devi is reborn as Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi to see the Kalyanotsava (Marriage ceremony) of Lord Sri Srinivasa and Goddess Sri Padmavati Devi.

Lord Sri Srinivasa was doing the sanchaara (moving) in Venkatachalam hill like a praakruta manushya (ordinary human).

दैत्यानां मोहनार्थाय सुराणां मोदनाय च । क्रीडते क्रीडनकै: कृष्ण: जगत्पालक बालक: ।

ದೈತ್ಯಾನಾಂ ಮೋಹನಾರ್ಥಾಯ ಸುರಾಣಾಂ ಮೋದನಾಯ ಚ | ಕ್ರೀಡತೇ ಕ್ರೀಡನಕೈ: ಕೃಷ್ಣ: ಜಗತ್ಪಾಲಕ ಬಾಲಕ: |

daityānāṁ mōhanārthāya surāṇāṁ mōdanāya ca | krīḍatē krīḍanakai: kr̥ṣṇa: Jagatpālaka bālaka: |

Our Lord Sri Krishna used to play like in Vekatachalam for asurajana mohanaartham (for the infatuation of the asuras) and for modana (gratifying) of all the Devatas (Demigods).

|| Thus ends the fifth (panchama) adhyaya of Lord Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) ||

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