Lord Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) story – Part 3 of Part 5 | Lord Venkateswara and Padmavati marriage | Lord Balaji and Padmavati marriage

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Just before going to “Lord Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) story – Part 3 of Part 5 | Lord Venkateswara and Padmavati marriage | Lord Balaji and Padmavati marriage“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

This is in continuation with “Lord Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) story – Part 2”

Shashti / Sixth Adhyaya

Lord Sri Srinivasa was willing to sit on a “hayam” (horse). Thus, immediately an hayam / horse came before him.

Lord Sri Vayu Deva himself came in the form of a hayam / horse.  

Varado vayu was the vahana (Vehicle) and Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi was the rope. 

Lord Sri Srinivasa wore all the ornaments, had a white dhotra, with uttareeya.

Lord Sri Srinivasa saw his own face in the darpana / mirror and applied Urdhwapundra, Naama, Kumkuma tilaka on his forehead.

Lord Sri Srinivasa had golden yagnopaveeta (janeu / janevara), kanteesara (necklace type),

Lord Sri Srinivasa had golden bangles and was looking like a perfect groom. Lord Sri Srinivasa looked like manmatha.

Lord Sri Srinivasa is saakshaat manmata manmatha: That is, As Lord Sri Hari does the mathana of all the manas (mind), he is called as Manmatha of the Manmathas.

Lord Shiva burnt down Manmatha (Kaama Deva) with his third eye. 

Similarly, even Lord Sri Vishnu did the mathana of Lord Shiva through his Mohini avatar.

Lord Sri Srinivasa rode the hayam / horse and went for hunting Sharabha, Lion, tiger, and other jungle animals (these are animals who were causing problems to the ordinary people).

In the forest Lord Sri Srinivasa saw a single male elephant and chased it for a long distance.

Then the elephant which saw Lord Sri Srinivasa on a hayam / horse, chasing it for some distance, made danda pranaama (A type of Namaste) by lifting its trunk and disappeared immediately. (shloka 15-16). 

At this particular time Lord Sri Srinivasa could see few young girls roaming.

Then Rishi Shaunaka and other rishis requested Sri Sutacharya Ji to tell about those young girls and also whose children they were? Why they came to the forest? etc. and other information.

Thus, Sri Sutacharya Ji continued the story as below:

At the end of Dvapara Yuga, in the start of 28th Kali Yuga, Vikramaditya and other kings had departed from this world.

After this period in Chandravansh (Chandravamsha) (Lunar Dynasty), there lived a king named Suveera, who had a son named Sudharma.

This Sudharma had sons named Akasha Raja and Tondamaana Rama (Tondamana Raja).

Akasha Raja married Dharani Devi and Tondamana married Padma Devi & other 100 girls, and thus Tondamana is also called as “Shata Vallabha”.

Akasha Raja, who had no children, was worried and invited his Guru Sri Brihaspati and told him like this: 

I have many elephants, horses, chariots, and all rajya sukhas and I have done so many daanaas, tirtha yaatra. But still, why I have not been blessed with any children. 

Akasha Raja himself taught, ‘mostly I have done many a sins in my previous life and as I don’t have a male child,’

‘I may have to go to Punnaama Naraka (पुन्नाम नरक – this Naraka is meant for childless people).’

‘I (Akasha Raja) may not be able to do the naamakarana, upanayana, marriage of my children.’

Guru Sri Brihaspati suggested him to do Putra Kameshti yagna.

While doing this yagna, Akasha Raja was digging the bhoomi / ground (ploughing). 

There Akasha Raja and others saw one kamala pushpa / lotus flower, which had 1,000 dalaas (petals). 

Akasha Raja was surprised at seeing the 1,000 dala (petal) kamala pushpa (lotus flower) and in that kamala pushpa, Akasha Raja saw a beautiful female baby.

Akasha Raja thought that Lord Sri Vishnu has given him and his family this baby. Akasha Raja held the child in his arms and was over enjoyed. 

At that time, there was ashareera vani (unknown voice) from Lord Sri Vayu Deva that this child is the poorva janma punya phala (fruits of the earlier lives).

पद्मोदरां पद्मगर्भां पद्मजातां वराननां । पद्माया अवतारत्वाद् राजा पद्मावतीति च ।

ಪದ್ಮೋದರಾಂ ಪದ್ಮಗರ್ಭಾಂ ಪದ್ಮಜಾತಾಂ ವರಾನನಾಂ | ಪದ್ಮಾಯಾ ಅವತಾರತ್ವಾದ್ ರಾಜಾ ಪದ್ಮಾವತೀತಿ ಚ |
padmōdarāṁ padmagarbhāṁ padmajātāṁ varānanāṁ | padmāyā avatāratvād rājā padmāvatīti ca |

This beautiful female baby was named as “Padmavati”, as they got her from kamala / padma pushpa (Here in Sanskrit Padma means lotus).

“padmE sthitaam padma varNaam” , “padmodaraaM”.

This female baby is the abhimani devata (controlling Demigod) for padma pushpa (lotus flower) and she is the mother of Padmaasana.

This same female baby was Sri Vedavati Devi in her previous life during Treta Yuga.

When Kushadhvaja was doing the adhyayana (study) of the Great Vedas, Sri Vedavati Devi came out of his mouth.

And she is none other than Vedaabhimani Devi, that is, Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi herself, by the name “Vedavati”. 

[That is, Sri Vedavati Devi is none other than Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi herself.]

[Since Goddess Sri Padmavati Devi is an avatar of Sri Vedavati Devi, she (Padmavati Devi) is an avatar of Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi.]

Once she was doing the tapas (penance) for Lord Sri Vishnu in the Treta Yuga, at that time Rakshasa (demon) Ravana tried to touch her.

Because Rakshasa (demon) Ravana touched her, she jumped in the agni kunda and Lord Sri Agni Deva had given her to Ravana in the Sitakriti form (Image / statue).

Ravana had kept Sitakriti in Ashoka Vana (Vatika).

(It was this Devi who was kidnapped by Ravana and not the real Sri Sita Devi, that is, akriti / statue of Sri Sita Devi and not the real Sri Sita Devi). 

After the killing of Ravana, the akriti (statue) of Sri Sita Devi (or Sri Vedavati Devi) did Agni pravesha again to prove that she is sacred. 

Then later immediately both Sri Sita Devi and Sri Vedavati Devi (akriti of Sri Sita Devi), came out of the Agni (fire). 

Sri Sita Devi recommended Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu to accept Sri Vedavati Devi as his second consort.

But our Great Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu told to Sri Sita Devi that in this avatar he (Sri Rama) is ‘Eka Patni Vratasta‘ (One wife only) during Rama avatar and that he will accept her in future.

This same Sri Vedavati Devi is now found by Akasha Raja while digging (ploughing) the earth.

Akasha Raja gave that female baby in the hands of his wife Dharani Devi and told her to look after the baby with utmost care, as if it is born in her garbha (womb) itself. 

Akasha Raja made lot of daana (charity) after getting the child. 

After some time, Dharani Devi became pregnant. Later, Akasha Raja did the seemanta (baby shower ritual). 

Dharani Devi gave birth to a male child, who was named as “Vasudhana”. 

Akasha Raja gave daana (charity) of 1,000 cows, 10,000 horses, navadhaanyas, shvetachatra, chamara, etc.

Sri Padmavati Devi entered youvana avasta (after teenage) and was very beautiful.

Now the Akasha Raja was thinking of marriage of Sri Padmavati Devi with a suitable groom and was searching for that perfect groom. 

Sri Padmavati Devi once had entered a beautiful garden and was plucking the flowers form the plants. 

At that time, Maharshi Narada came there in the disguise of an old man. 

Maharshi Narada asked Sri Padmavati Devi to show her hands and started telling her bhavishya / future:

“You will be getting svayam Sri Lakshmipati (Vishnu) as your husband.”

“Your face is like Chandra (Moon), your eyes are equal to padma pushpa (lotus flower), your nose is like flower, your chin is shining like mirror,”

“Your eyebrows are equal to arrow, your teeth is shining like pomegranate seeds, your tongue is very soft, your neck is like rays of sun”. 

After blessing Sri Padmavati Devi (just for loka reetya / pastime), Maharshi Narada Muni did the namaskara to Sri Padmavati Devi’s feet and went to Lord Sri Vishnu’s place Sheshachalam hill.

|| This ends the Shashti (Sixth) Adhyaya of Lord Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) ||

Saptama / Seventh Adhyaya

Sri Sutacharya Ji continued:

Lord Sri Srinivasa went for hunting sitting on a hayam / horse chasing the elephant, which went near the park where Sri Padmavati Devi and her friends were roaming.  

Chasing that elephant, Lord Sri Srinivasa, also came there near a garden.  

On seeing the elephant, these girls and Sri Padmavati Devi stood hiding behind a tree.  

Frightened and having closed their eyes, all the young girls were watching the elephant from faraway place.

Those girls saw divine personality (daivi purusha) on a hayam / horse, who was decorated with ornaments, looked 1000 times more beautiful than the Manmatha.  

That elephant made the shastanga namaskara to this Daivi purusha by lifting its trunk and disappeared suddenly in the forest.  

On seeing this, the girls were shocked and started discussing about that Daivi purusha (divine personality). 

Sri Padmavati Devi asked her friends to enquire about that divine personality, about his parents and his relatives, his country, his nature, job, name, gotra, etc.

Those young girls asked Lord Sri Srinivasa to tell as to why he was roaming here and also enquired about his presence in the garden.

Lord Sri Srinivasa replied like this:

I have come here in search of a bride, and without telling to them, Lord Sri Srinivasa came directly in front of Sri Padmavati Devi and told her as follows:

“I am from Chandravanshi (Chandravamsha) (Lunar Dynasty), and my gotra is Vashishtha Gotra. My father’s name is Sri Vasudeva, mother’s name is Sri Devaki Devi,”

“Sri Balarama is my brother, Sri Subhadra Devi is my younger Sister, Arjuna is my close friend, and all Pandu’s sons are my relatives.”

“I am the eighth son to Sri Devaki Devi and seventh son to my parents is Sri Balarama.  As I was born in Krishna Paksha and I was Krishna varna (black color) like my mother, I was called as Krishna”.  

Now Lord Sri Srinivasa asked Sri Padmavati Devi to tell her details.

Sri Padmavati Devi told like this:

“I am the daughter of Akasha Raja and my name Padmavati. I am also from Chandravansh (Chandravamsha) (Lunas Dynasty).”

“My gotra is Sri Atri” and after this, Sri Padmavati Devi asked Lord Sri Srinivasa to go back.

Lord Sri Srinivasa told that he has come in search of her only and asked her to agree for marriage.

And also that he (Lord Sri Srinivasa) is ready even to die in the hands of Akasha Raja and sought her hands and came near her riding on an hayam / horse.  

Sri Padmavati Devi got angry, and tried to frighten Lord Sri Srinivasa and threw few stones on him with force.

Her friends also threw few stones continuous on Lord Sri Srinivasa and the hayam / horse which he was riding fell dead.  

Lord Sri Srinivasa on seeing the dead horse, was looking at all directions and was shocked and thought that the horse died because of his fault and went towards north direction.

Lord Sri Srinivasa climbing the steps reached home and slept in the bed and was crying. 

[Please remember that Lord Sri Vishnu / Sri Srinivasa is Jagan naataka sutradhaari (He does as per his won wishes and no one can stop him) and was only pretended like sleeping.]

(Lord Sri Srinivasa does not have any problem, no question of thinking, bother, but he is just pretending and nothing else).

|| This ends the Saptama (Seventh) Adhyaya of Lord Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) ||

Ashtama / Eighth Adhyaya

Lord Sri Srinivasa is called as “Vrishakapi”, this means, Lord Sri Srinivasa is shadguna poorna (who has all the good gunas / qualities). 

Here Vrisha means, that is:

i) akam = sorrow, pEshaNaat – remover – i.e, he removes sorrow – Vrishakapi; 

ii) as he fullfils all our abhishtaas (all our expectations), he is called as Vrishakapi. 

Now Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi came to do the seva (serve) of Lord Sri Srinivasa and brought variety of food items for him.

Shadvidhaannam – “Paramaannam, haridraannam, dadhyannam, krusarOdanam, gudOdanam cha mudgaannam ityannam Shadgidham smRutam” – vishnutIrthIya.

1. Paramaannam – comprise of rice, milk tribble of rice, water, jaggery, and parimala (aroma) items.

2. Haridraannam – comprise of anna, ghee, turmeric, jeera, salt, pepper.

3. Dadhyaannam – comprise of curds, rice, salt, pepper, ginger, lime, etc. 

4. Krusaraannam – comprise of rice, daal, pepper, tila (til) / sesame powder.

5. Gudaannam – comprise of rice, ghee, godambi / cashew, draakshi / grapes, etc.

6. Mudganna – huggi comprise of rice, moong dal, ghee, ginger, etc.

Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi prays Lord Sri Srinivasa to get up, who was pretending to be in deep sleep, as if he was tired.

Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi says – You are Nirdoshashesha (faultless), sadguni (virtuous), don’t sleep like prakruta jeeva (ordinary human). Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi asks Lord Sri Srinivasa as to why he is in sorrow.

Whether he has seen any demon (bhoota) in forest, whether he got frightened because of wild animals in the forest, or whether he was attacked by any robbers, or whether he has seen any kanya, or gandarva kanya (celestial woman) on his way. 

Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi came near Lord Sri Srinivasa and was pressing his foot and prays him to get up.

Lord Sri Srinivasa got up and says like this:

“I have not seen any gandarva stree (celestial woman), rishi kanya (Saintly woman), rakshasi (demoness), bhoota, pishachi (ghost), etc., or any wild animals”

“But I have seen a beautiful kanya mani (divine girl), who had a face similar to Purna Chandra (Full Moon), and I found her with the punya (good deeds) of my many of my earlier births.” 

Lord Sri Srinivasa further said that “he can’t live without Padmavati”.

Even though she threw stones on him, he says “I is not angry at her”. I have come from Vaikuntha just to marry Padmavati”. 

Lord Sri Srinivasa again adds “if you can’t ensure her marriage with me, I would die.”

“Brahma has done your srusti only for the removal of my sorrow, as such it is your duty to arrange for my marriage with Padmavati”

(Please remember that Lord Sri Srinivasa is only pretending and nothing else.)

(Even though the above circumstances says that Lord Sri Srinivasa is attacked by Kaama – He does not have any Kaama at all.)

(He is Svaramana and Aatma Kaama. He does not need anything or anybody to satisfy his needs.) 

(Our shastras have clarified on many occasions that Lord Sri Maha Vishnu has his own different forms and avatars.)

[One of those is of the female form (Goddess Mohini form), who is more beautiful than svayam Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi.]

(Lord Sri Srinivasa says that he has come out of Vaikuntha in search of Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi. All these are only loka mohanartham and nothing else).

[For his devotees, these are Lord Sri Srinivasa’s leelas (pastimes) and for his enemies, this is a simple loka mohanartham (To illusion to demonic people).]

(You decide who you are? But that also we can’t decide, because it is all dependent on Lord Sri Srinivasa’s wishes and nothing else.)

Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi asks Lord Sri Srinivasa as to who is that beautiful girl is? Whereabouts of her? 

Thus now Lord Sri Srinivasa explains the janma vruttaanta of Sri Padmavati Devi:

During his Lord Sri Rama avatar, Lord Sri Rama had gone to Dandakaranya, and had gone for hunting a disguised deer (Maricha) for Sri Sita Devi.

At this juncture Rakshasa Ravana wanted to kidnap Sri Sita Devi. 

Sri Sita Devi started crying “Haa Raama | Haa Lakshmana|”. 

On hearing this, Lord Sri Agni Deva came out from Patala Loka and asks Ravana to leave Sri Sita Devi.

Lord Sri Agni Deva further says to Ravana that the one Sri Sita Devi which Ravana is trying to kidnap is not the real Sri Sita Devi and she is only a Brahmana putri (daughter) and the real Sri Sita Devi is with him itself. 

Saying so, Sri Agni Deva brought in Sri Vedavati Devi and told that she is the real Sri Sita Devi.

Ravana honouring Lord Sri Agni Deva’s words took away Sri Vedavati Devi assuming that she is real Sri Sita Devi.

But here also, Lord Sri Agni Deva did the creation of Chaaya (shadow) of Sri Sita Devi (Sitakriti – Mirror image) and cheated Ravana.

In the Chaaya Sita or in fact Sitakriti, Lord Sri Indra Deva was there inside the akriti and Sri Vedavati Devi also entered inside the akriti.

Real Sri Sita Devi went to Kailasha for being worshipped by Lord Shiva and Goddess Sri Parvati Devi. 

Ravana could neither touch the Sitakriti nor the original Sri Sita Devi.

Even though he carried Sitakriti, he could pull only the Chaaya or shadow of the akruti and nothing else.

Who is Sri Vedavati Devi 

Sri Vedavati Devi, is the daughter of Kushadhvaja, (son of Sri Brihaspati). 

Sri Vedavati Devi is saakshat Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi born as a boon to Kushadhvaja. 

Once Ravana did the sparsha (touch) of her, she entered Agni (fire) and got paavitrya, and Sri Vedavati Devi was with consort of Sri Agni Deva, that is, with Sri Svaha Devi.

After some time, Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu killed Rakshasa Ravana and brought back Sri Sita Devi (akriti) who was kept below the Shimshupa Vriksha / tree by Ravana. 

If Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu had brought Sri Sita Devi as it is, people may have doubted about Sri Sita Devi. 

That is why Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu asked Sri Sita Devi to do the pravesha (enter) of Agni (fire). 

After entering Agni (fire), she came out along with another Devi, who looked similar in size, height, roopa (form).

Then the real Sri Sita Devi told Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu that –

The other Devi is Vedavati Devi and she herself (real Sri Sita Devi) was with Sri Svaha Devi and Sri Agni Deva and VedaVati is born to marry Lord Sri Vishnu himself.

She (Real Sri Sita Devi) further told that it was she (Sri Vedavati Devi) who was there in Lanka and suffered the tortures of Rakshasa Ravana.

Sri Sita Devi pleads Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu to marry Vedavati Devi. 

But our Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu said that he is Eka Patni Vratasta (Only one wife).

And also added that he (Lord Sri Rama) will marry her during 28th Kaliyuga, till then let her be there in Satya Loka being worshipped by svayam Lord Sri Brahma Deva.

Same Sri Vedavati Devi who was there in Satya Loka, now is born as Sri Padmavati Devi.

Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi told Lord Sri Srinivasa that she will go to Akasha Raja and ask him to give his daughter to her son Lord Sri Srinivasa. 

Lord Sri Srinivasa gave the direction for going to Akasha Raja’s city. 

As directed by Lord Sri Srinivasa, Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi went on a hayam / horse, crossed Suvarnamukhi nadi / river.

Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi reached Maharishi Agastya’s ashrama, and she had the darshanam of Kapileshvara (Lord Shiva).

Then she (Sri Bakula / Vakula Devi) had the bath at Kapila Sarovar, prayed to Kapileshvara (Lord Shiva) to arrange for the marriage of Lord Sri Srinivasa and Sri Padmavati Devi.

Also, there, Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi saw few girls who had come for praying Kapileswara (Lord Shiva) for the welfare of Sri Padmavati Devi.

Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi came to know that, they are from Akasha Raja’s palace, so Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi followed those girls and reached the Akasha Raja’s palace.

Before Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi could reach the Narayanapura (kingdom of Akasharaja),

Lord Sri Srinivasa thought that Sri Bakula (Vakula) devi, being a woman may find it difficult to do all the work herself. 

In order to ensure smooth work of Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi, Lord Sri Srinivasa decided to go to Akasha Raja’s city in the disguise of a Koravanji (Dharma Devata – A fortune teller woman).

That is a 50 years old lady (Koravanji), with Lord Sri Brahma Deva as her child, Lord Shiva as her stick, Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi as the basket, carrying the basket on her head. 

She (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Lord Sri Srinivasa) was wearing different ornaments and her name was known as “Dharma Devata“. 

Dharmadevata (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Lord Sri Srinivasa) started walking through the streets of Narayanapura.

And the people of the Narayanapura city brought this to the notice of Dharani Devi, the wife of Akasha Raja. 

Dharani Devi sent her people to bring Dharma Devata (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Lord Sri Srinivasa) to the palace, but she refused unless invited personally by Dharani Devi herself.

Then Dharani Devi herself came running and invited Dharma Devata (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Lord Sri Srinivasa) and arranged to sit on a Ratna Simhasana (Throne of Gems and other valuables).

Dharmadevata (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Lord Sri Srinivasa) started telling like this: 

Lord Sri Lakshmipati Narayana (Vishnu) is my husband, he only has ordered me to come here and that she can tell Bhoota (past) – Bhavishya (future) – Vartamana (present) information. 

Dharani Devi gave a bouquet of a type. Dharani Devi also sent in food, curd rice in a golden vessel for the child of Dharmadevata (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Lord Sri Srinivasa). 

But the child (Lord Sri Brahma Deva) refused to eat it, as it not the Lord Sri Maha Vishnu’s naivedyam. 

Then Dharma Devata (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Lord Sri Srinivasa) herself ate the curd rice.

[It served as the naivedyam for Lord Sri Vishnu as he himself has taken the ksheeranna (Curd rice) in the disguise of Koravanji / Dharma Devata).

After Bhojana (meals), Dharma Devata (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Lord Sri Srinivasa) took taamboolam (betel leaves).

To see the form of Lord Sri Srinivasa in the disguise of Dharma Devata (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Lord Sri Srinivasa),

Lord Sri Brahma Deva, Lord Shiva and other Devatas all came to see in their respective vimanas / aeroplanes and were telling like this:

“How punyavati is Dharani Devi, Shadgunaikasara Lord Sri Srinivasa is sitting in front of her as a prakrita stree”. 

(Please remember this is just loka vidambana / pastime by Lord Sri Maha Vishnu and nothing else.)

|| This ends the Ashtama (Eight) Adhyaya of Lord Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) ||

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