Lord Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) story – Part 4 of Part 5 | Lord Venkateswara and Padmavati marriage | Lord Balaji and Padmavati marriage

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Just before going to “Lord Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) story – Part 4 of Part 5 | Lord Venkateswara and Padmavati marriage | Lord Balaji and Padmavati marriage“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

This is in continuation from “Lord Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) story – Part 3“:

Navama / Ninth Adhyaya

Dharmadevata (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Bhagavan Sri Srinivasa) started doing the dhyanam of all the Kula Devatas (Family Demigods). 

First Dharma Devata (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Bhagavan Sri Srinivasa) prayed Lord Sri Narayana, Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi, Lord Sri Brahma Deva,

Goddess Sri Sarasati Devi, Lord Shiva, Goddess Sri Parvati Devi, Lord Sri Indra Deva, Goddess Sri Shachi Devi, Lord Sri Agni Deva, Lord Sri Yama Deva and others 

And also ashta dikpalakas, and their consorts, all Rishis, all Pitrus, all Gandharvas, Kashi Vishweswara, Kashi Bindu Madhava (a form of Lord Sri Vishnu) came to bless Bindu named Rishi.

With the darshanam of Lord Sri Bindu Madhava, even our punya (good deeds) which is just similar to Bindu (a pin point / a dot) could become Ananta (infinite).

Dharma Devata also prayed to Gaya’s Sri Vishnupaada, Prayag (Praygraj) Ganga-Yamuna-Sarasvati,

Lord Sri Rama Chandra near Godavari basin, Gunja Sri Narasimha near Kaveri-Kapila, Puri Sri Jagannath, Sri Panduranga on the banks of the river Bhima basin, Ahobala Sri Narasimha,

Pampa Sri Virupaksha (Hampi called as Dakshina Kashi on the banks of Tungabadra River, where Pampa is none other than Sri Parvati Devi and Sri Virupaksha is Lord Shiva),

Srishaila (Srisailam) hill (Here Parvati’s name is Mallika and Lord Shiva is named as Arjuna, that is why here it is called as Mallikarjuna),

Sri Kalahasteesvara (Sri – Jeda, kaala – snake, hasti – elephant, the trio Jeda, snake and elephant did the penance here and pleased Lord Shiva, who came in as Sri Kalahastiswara),

Chaturbuja Ghatakachala Anjaneya, Sri Narasimha, Sri Shiva in Vruddachala, Kanchi Sri Varadaraja, Sri Ranganatha in Sriranga, Shvetha Sri Varaha in Srimushna,

Shanjapani Sri Krishna in Kumbakona, Sri Krishna in Mathura, Sri Ramasetu, Sri Rameshvara Linga in Dhanushkoti, Sri Padmanabha in Ananthashayana,

Sri Subramanya in Kumaradhara, Udupi Sri Chandramouleshwara, Sri Gokarneshwara, Sri Harihareshvara on the banks of river Tungabadra, and remembered all the rivers starting Ganga…, etc. 

Now Dharmadevata (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Bhagavan Sri Srinivasa) took the handstick and said: 

She (Sri Padmavati Devi) has been attracted by a handsome personality who resembles Manmatha (Kaama Deva).

Yesterday, when your daughter Padmavati had gone along with her friends to a park, there she saw a handsome person coming on a beautiful hayam / horse.

As soon as she sees him, she got attracted and she is “Kaama pidita”.

Only remedy for cure of her disease is getting marriage of your daughter with that handsome personality. 

That personality is not an ordinary man. He is none other than Sakshat Srimann Narayana (Vishnu) now in Venkatagiri (Venaktadri) in the name of Lord Sri Srinivasa. 

Lord Sri Srinivasa is well educated, dhanavaana (wealthy), shaktimana (powerful) and has pity on your daughter as well.

That is why even though his hayam / horse was killed by your daughter, he didn’t got angry at your daughter.

Dharani Devi asks like this:

Without being asked to give our daughter, how can we get her married to him?

Dharmadevata (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Lord Sri Srinivasa) says like this: 

Within a short time, one old lady will come and ask you to give your daughter to Lord Sri Srinivasa.

She also asked to take an oath that she will get her daughter married only to Lord Sri Srinivasa. 

After taking oath, she blessed them all and went off to Narayanapura, carrying the child and all her items towards north side.

Now, Dharani Devi turns towards Sri Padmavati Devi and asked her tell about her aspirations. 

Thus, Sri Padmavati Devi told that she saw a handsome personality in the park yesterday and that she is not in a position to forget that person.

She adds that the characters and symptoms of Lord Sri Srinivasa’s devotees.

Devotees would be interested in Veda Shastra, vrata, and other niyama nistas (Rules & regulations as per Dharma). 

Also, Devotees would be wearing Shankha, Chakra, Mudradharana, Urdvapundra. Devotees would be serving their parents very well.

Who can live without the chintana of Lord Sri Srinivasa?

What all happened it was explained to Akasha Raja by Dharani Devi and Dharani Devi requested him to arrange for the marriage of Sri Padmavati Devi with Lord Sri Srinivasa. 

At this time those, servants who had gone to Agastyesvara for having the Sri Rudrabhisheka also returned with the prasada. 

They also told that they have come along with an old lady by named Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi and they also said that she has come with a request for a kanya / bride. 

Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi told about the details of the groom Lord Sri Srinivasa like this:

He is from Chandravanshi (Chandramvamsha) (Lunar Dynasty), his mother name is Sri Devaki Devi, his father name is Sri Vasudeva.

His name is Lord Sri Krishna / Srinivasa, his nakshatra is Shravana, his age is 25 years, he is well educated, wealthy, and sadachara sampanna purusha.

Dharani Devi asked Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi as to why Lord Sri Srinivasa has not yet married?

Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi replied like this:

Lord Sri Srinivasa was married at his young age itself, but he is childless as such, now we are trying to get him married again.

Akasha Raja sent his son Vasudana (He is an avatar of Lord Chandra) for inviting his Guru Sri Brihaspati from Indraloka to see how the horoscope matches of both Sri Padmavati Devi and Lord Sri Srinivasa. 

When Akasha Raja wanted to know more about Lord Sri Srinivasa, his Guru Sri Brihaspati directed him to meet Sri Shukacharya Ji (Shuka Muni) (He is an avatar of Lord Shiva), who is staying nearby Shukashrama. 

Tondamana Raja, the brother of Akasha Raja met Sri Shukacharya Ji (Shuka Muni) and appraised him about the decision of Akasha Raja to give his daughter to Lord Sri Srinivasa.

Sri Shukacharya Ji (Shuka Muni) expressed his extreme happiness and completely he lost his control, tore the Krishnanjina, behaved as if he had become a mad person. 

(Please remember that Sri Shukarcharya Ji / Lord Shiva is a great devotee of Lord Sri Vishnu)

(And thus he was not able to control himself to know about the Greatest marriage that will be taking place very shortly. That is the greatness of our Lord Sri Vishnu).

Sri Shukacharya Ji’s mind was not under his control for some time.

But, after some time, he recovered himself and become normal, told Akasha Raja that the kanya daana would get chaturvida purushartha, and would please the entire universe.

Sri Shukacharya Ji, after hearing this went to meet Akasha Raja, decorated himself very well with new darbagra, tulasikaashta maala, went in the horse which was brought by Tondamana Raja.

 Akasha Raja told that his daughter is from Atri Gotra and Mrigashira nakshatra.

Guru Sri Brihaspati told like this:

Grahakoota, naadikoota, rajjukoota, yonikoota, maangalyakoota, all are looking at it’s best for both the vadhu and vara (groom and bride).

Then Akasha Raja did the nishchaya / finalize of Sri Padmavati Devi’s marriage with Lord Sri Srinvasa and did Ganapati pooja, punyaha, and did the sankalpa of kanya daana.  

Akasha Raja wrote Lagnapatrika to Lord Sri Srinivasa which reads as below:

“I am Akasha Raja doing the Vijnapana to Lord Sri Srinivasa on Chaitra Shukla trayodashi day.”

“You have aprakrita shareeri, sachidananda roopa, sarvatantra svatantra, ekamevaadviteeya, anantavEda pratipaadya,”

“mukya tama, shaanghadhara, devaanudEva poojita, bhaktavatsala, sarvatra vyaapaka,”

“you can’t be learnt even with samasta veda vEdaanga, anantaananta kalyaaNagunaparipoorna, Venkatagirisha, Lakshmipati Lord Sri Srinivasa.” 

Akasha Raja continued: “Even though I am elder in age, I am unfit to bless you, as you possess uncountable values, gunas (qualities). But still, as you would be my son-in-law, I am blessing you.”

“All are fine. I am writing this letter requesting for your ashraya. We are staying in Narayanapura with your anugraha only.” 

Akasha Raja continues: “We have decided to get married our daughter Padmavati to you with the blessings and orders of Lord Sri Vishnu and Guru.”

“Please bless us by marrying my daughter on Vaishakha shukla paksha, dashami tithi shukravara”.  

Akasha Raja sent that vivaha patrika / invitation to Lord Sri Srinivasa through Sri Shukacharya Ji (Shuka Muni).

Akasha Raja further told Sri Shukacharya Ji that he is ready to give any thing Lord Sri Srinivasa demands and he asked him to ensure that Lord Sri Srinivasa agreeing for the marriage without any hesitation. 

Sri Shukacharya Ji went to Venkatachalam hill during afternoon.  

As Sri Shukacharya Ji was going with the intention of having the darshanam of Lord Sri Srinivasa, he didn’t faced any hurdle or strain at all on his way.    

As soon as Sri Shukacharya Ji entered Lord Sri Srinivasa’s resident, Lord Sri Srinivasa asked Sri Shukacharya Ji as to whether his work is fruitful or not.  

Sri Shukacharya Ji replied that Lord Sri Srinivasa’s works can never be a failure, it will be always fruitful as usual. 

Lord Sri Srinivasa expressed his happiness by hugging Sri Shukacharya Ji and told him that as you have ensured my marriage, you will get moksha definitely.

Earlier during Lord Sri Rama avatar period, Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu had hugged Sri Hanuman similarly and had assured him Sahabhoga.

And now, Lord Sri Srinivasa has hugged Sri Shukacharya Ji.

Now Sri Shukacharya Ji handed over the vivaha patrika sent by Akasha Raja to Lord Sri Srinivasa and enquired kshema samachara (wellness) of Akasha Raja, Tondamana raja, Dharani Devi and Vasudhana. 

Then Lord Sri Srinivasa started writing consent letter to Akasha Raja like this: 

“Raajadhiraja, Sudharma raja putra Akasha Raja, my shastanga namaskara to you. I, Srinivasa hereby agree for the marriage and writing the shubha lagna patrika…”.

Sri Shukacharya Ji left Lord Sri Srinivasa’s sannidhana to handover the vivaha patrika given by Lord Sri Srinivasa to Akasha Raja.

At that time Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi arrives. She had gone for requesting Akasha Raja to give Sri Padmavati Devi to Lord Sri Srinivasa.

Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi explained all the incidents which happened and also the incidents which enabled her work to move smoothly with the help of Koravanji (Koravanji – fortune teller woman / Bhagavan Sri Srinivasa) had already came and recommended Akasha Raja for the marriage.

Dashama / Tenth Adhyaya

After all the auspicious things were arranged for the marriage of Lord Sri Srinivasa with Sri Padmavati Devi,

now Lord Sri Srinivasa told Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi that it is not fair to get married now as he is alone.

Lord Sri Srinivasa does not have any relatives, whereas Akasha Raja has so many relatives.    

For this Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi replied that Sri Shukacharya Ji is eager to see your vivaha / marriage, Guru Sri Brihaspati is the niyamaka (controlling Demigod) for your marriage.

You just remember your sons, grand sons, Brahma, Rudra, Indra, etc. and their sons, etc…

Let Akasha Raja see your relatives. In this Kali Yuga it is durlabha (very rare) that Bhagavan and other Devatas (Demigods) are coming to bhuloka (Earth). 

Now, Lord Sri Srinivasa remembered Lord Sri Garuda Deva, Lord Sri Adishesha Naga, who immediately came in front of him and asked for his orders.

Lord Sri Srinivasa sent in Lord Sri Garuda Deva to Brahmaloka and Lord Sri Adishesha Naga to Rudraloka to invite them for the marriage and they did the same.

Lord Sri Brahma Deva on seeing the invitation was very happy and asked his dvarapaalakas to play all instruments like bheri dundhubhi with the slogan that:

“the entire army should to go to Venkatachalam in the south of Jambudveepa’s Bharata kanda for Lord Sri Srinivasa’s vivaha mahotsava / marriage”.

Lord Sri Brahma Deva arranged for the vehicles, ornaments, jewels for all the satyaloka Devatas (Demigods).

Lord Sri Brahma Deva decorated his kireeta (crown), started on his vahana / vehicle “hamsa (hansa)” along with his consort Goddess Sri Sarasvati Devi, Gayatri, Savitri, Sanakaadi Rishis, etc.

All other Devatas (Demigods) followed him in their different vahanas / vehicles.

All the Devatas (Demigods) were playing different instruments like bheri, dundhubhi, mridanga, dindima, muraja, veena, etc.  

Haha huhu (a group of Gandharvaas) were singing, Tumburu, and others were chanting, all followed Lord Sri Brahma Deva. 

From Satyaloka, they passed through various lokas on the way, i.e., Tapoloka, Janoloka, Maharloka, Svargaloka and finally reached Bhuloka (Earth). 

On the way, all those who saw the team of Lord Sri Brahma Deva from different lokas, also followed him.

After this Lord Sri Brahma Deva, Sri Rudra Deva (Lord Shiva) and all the other Devatas (Demigods) came down to Bhuloka (Earth).

Here in Venkatachalam, Lord Sri Srinivasa was worried (remember this is just a leela / pastime of Bhagavan) that his very lovely and eldest son Lord Sri Brahma Deva has yet not yet arrived.

By this time, one servant came and told that Lord Sri Brahma Deva has crossed Ganga river. 

After some time another servant told that Lord Sri Brahma Deva has crossed Godavari river.  

By that time Lord Sri Garuda Deva came and told that Lord Sri Brahma Deva has crossed Krishna river and reached Srishaila (Today’s Srisailam) hill, afterwards reached Ahobala kshetra (Today’s Abhobilam).  

After some time, Vishvaksena came and told that Lord Sri Brahma Deva has come to Tumburu Tirtha and is taking bath there.

Lord Sri Srinivasa, pretending to show the putra vatsalya (son’s love) and for loka reetya (To teach lessons to common people), wanted to see his son Lord Sri Brahma Deva very eagerly.

Thus, Lord Sri Srinivasa sat on his vahana (vehicle) Lord Sri Garuda Deva and went to see his lovely and eldest son Lord Sri Brahma Deva.

Vishvaksena told Lord Sri Brahma Deva that Lord Sri Srinivasa is coming to see him.  

On hearing this, Hamsa Vahana Lord Sri Brahma Deva got down from his Vahana (Vehicle) Hamsa, and walked through immediately.  

(It is an indication to the people that we should not sit in vahanas / vehicles in the sannidhana of Lord Sri Vishnu). 

As soon as both of them came close to each other, Lord Sri Brahma Deva made shashtanga namaskara to Lord Sri Srinivasa and stood with folded hands in front of Lord Sri Srinivasa. 

Lord Sri Srinivasa and Lord Sri Brahma Deva both stood filled with ananda bhaashpa (Divine cry with blissfulness) for some time. 

Entire Satyaloka Devatas (Demigods) who had come to see the vivaha mohotsava / marriage felt very very happy on seeing this scene.

Lord Sri Srinivasa enquired about kshema samachara (wellness) of Lord Sri Brahma Deva and his sons, grandsons.

Lord Sri Brahma Deva replied that with the anugraha (blessing) of Lord Sri Vishnu all are fine.

Lord Sri Srinivasa narrated the circumstances which forced him to marry Sri Padmavati Devi.

And also how Lord Sri Srinivasa came from Vaikuntha after Bhrigu Rishi hit at his vaksha sthala (chest part) and also how Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi left Vaikuntha to reach Karaveerapura (Today’s Kolhapur).  

Lord Sri Srinivasa also said, how he stayed in an anthill (valmeeka), and a cow was daily offering milk to him,

how a servant of Chola Raja tried to hit at the cow, but he himself came out of anthill and protected a cow and in meanwhile how he got a struck on his own head.  

Also he added how Guru Sri Brihaspati gave the medicines for curing the head injury.

Lord Sri Srinivasa told Lord Sri Brahma Deva to do namaskara to Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi saying she only protected him.

Lord Sri Brahma Deva enquired about who is this Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi was? 

Lord Sri Srinivasa narrated that she was none other than Sri Yashoda Devi during the Lord Sri Krishna avatar and now she has come to serve him in the form of an old lady called Sri Bakula (Vakula) Devi.

Lord Sri Sinivasa also told to Lord Sri Brahma Deva that he saw Sri Padmavati Devi near Padma sarovar and decided to marry her.

Arrival of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu’s relatives

At the same time Lord Sri Vishnu’s another lovely and most loving son (equal love as of Lord Sri Brahma Deva), that is,

Lord Sri Vayu Deva also arrives along with his consort Goddess Sri Bharati Devi on his vahana / vehicle deer.

With the arrival of Lord Sri Vayu Deva a very attractive and lovely sugandha / fragrance also started to be created in the air as Lord Sri Vayu Deva is the niyamaka (controlling Demigod) of the vayu / air.    

Lord Shiva also came along with his consort Goddess Sri Parvati Devi and sons Lord Sri Kartikeya and Lord Sri Ganesha.

And all of them did the vandana (namaste) to Lord Sri Srinivasa, Lord Sri Brahma Deva and also to Lord Sri Vayu Deva.

Then came Lord Kubera, Yakshas, and their consorts & children.  

Lord Sri Srinvasa blessed Lord Kubera to be always dhanavanta / wealthy.  

Lord Sri Agni Deva arrives on his Mesha vahana (vehicle), the yagnesvara along with his consort Sri Svaha Devi.  

Lord Sri Yama Deva arrived on his vehicle buffalo along with his consort Goddess Sri Shyamala Devi, his servants and Chitragupta.  

Lord Sri Varuna Deva came on his vehicle crocodile.

Lord Sri Indra Deva came with his consort Goddess Sri Sachi Devi on his vehicle Airavata Elephant.

Lord Sri Surya Deva and Lord Sri Chandra with their consorts also arrive. 

Lord Sri Kama (Manmatha) came with his consort Goddess Sri Rati Devi on a horse.

Along with the above Maharishi Kashyapa, Maharishi Atri, Maharishi Bharadhwaja, Maharishi Vishwamitra, Maharishi Gautama, Maharishi Jamadagni, Maharishi Vashishtha, 

Rishi Valmiki, Lord Sri Parashurama, Rishi Shala, Rishi Pulastya, Rishi Dadeechi, Rishi Shunashyepa, Rishi Gaalava, Rishi Gaargya, etc. etc. etc. all Rishis and Munis also arrived. 

All Apsara strees, Gandharvas, pitrus, Siddhas, Charunas, also came.

Deva Shilpi Vishvakarma builts vivaha mantapa

Deva Shilpi Vishvakarma (Demigod’s architect) also arrives.

Lord Sri Srinivasa ordered Deva Shilpi Vishvakarma to build a very beautiful vivaha mantapa and hall, so that the entire Devatas (Demigods) can sit in that hall.  

Deva Shilpi Vishvakarma built it with 50 Yojana long and 30 yojana broad.  

Lord Sri Srinivasa also told Deva Shilpi Vishvakarma to build sabha, houses at Narayanapura.  

Deva Shilpi Vishvakarma made everything look clean and green and also made the land level uniformly correctly, so that all can walk and sit safely. 

The vivaha sabhangana / marriage hall was decorated with gopuraas / pillars covered by many and brightful ornaments.

All the gopuras / pillars were covered with diamond, pearls, gems and other ornaments.

Ashashaala, gajashaala, borewells, canals were also constructed.

|| Thus ends the Dashama (Tenth) adhyaya of Lord Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam (marriage) ||

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