Badrinath (Badrikashram) (temple) (place) unknown facts (significance) | Abode of Nara Narayana

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Once Lord Shiva’s son Kartikeya asked Lord Shiva: ‘How did this Badarikashrama (Badikashram) (a place called Badari (Badri) + ashrama) sacrosanct place originate? Who is the presiding deity of this place?’

Lord Shiva replied: Badrikashrama (Badrinath) (Badrinatha) (Badrikashram) is an eternal city and Lord Sri Narayana is its presiding deity.’

‘A mere sight of Badrikashrama (Badrinath) (Badrinatha) (Badrikashram) is enough to free a man from all the bondage of life.’

‘There are numerous other holy places situated in the vicinity, Kedarnath (Kedarnatha) being one of them.’

[Badrikashrama (Badrinatha) (Badrikashram) is an another name of today’s Badri or Badrinath in Uttarakhand, India.]

(In this place Lord Sri Narayana (Vishnu) is staying as Lord Sri Badrinath (In Sanskrit Badrinath is pronounced as Lord Sri Badrinatha / बद्रीनाथ / ಬದ್ರಿನಾಥ / badrinātha.)

(The English word ‘Berry’ is been derived from this Sanskrit word ‘Badari / Badri‘).

List of Badrinath (Badrikashram) (temple) unknown facts (significance) are as given below:

In Satya Yuga, Lord Vishnu was physical present

In Treta Yuga, Lord Vishnu was visible only to Rishis and Devatas

In Dwapara Yuga, Lord Vishnu was visible only to Devatas

In Kali Yuga, Lord Vishnu is present in concealed form

Just having a prasadam from here is enough to get Moksha

Nara Narayana are present even today in Badrikashram

Nara means Adi Shesha Naga

Narayana means Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) (Narayana)

Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa lives here even today physically

Sri Madhvacharya Ji visited Badrikashrama (Badrikashram) (Badrinath) 800 years back

Sri Madhvacharya Ji met both Lord Sri Narayana (Vishnu) and Lord (Sage) Veda Vyasa Ji there

English word Berry is derived from Sanskrit word Badari (Badri)

And many is given below…

To emphasize the significance of Badrikashram (Badrikashrama) (Badrinath) (Badrinatha), Lord Shiva narrated the following tale to Lord Kartikeya:

‘In Satya Yuga, Lord Sri Vishnu existed in his physical form at Badrikashrama (Badrinath) (Badrinatha) (Badrikashram) for the benediction of human beings.’

‘But, in Treta Yuga, only Rishis / sages and Devatas had the privilege of perceiving him with the help of yoga.’

‘At the advent of Dwapara Yuga, things changed drastically and only Devatas were able to see Lord Vishnu’

‘At the end of Dwapara Yuga and start of Kali Yuga, Lord Narayana completely disappeared from the site of all.’

And Lord Sri Vishnu just disappeared from Badrikashrama (Badrinath) (Badrinatha) (Badrikashram) at the end of Dwapara Yuga.’

[Note : One whole Maha Yuga = Satya Yuga (Krita Yuga) + Treta Yuga + Dwapara Yuga + Kali Yuga = 4,32,000 years.]

Deities (Devatas) became worried and asked Lord Sri Brahma Deva about the reason that made Lord Sri Vishnu disappear.’

‘Even Lord Sri Brahma Deva had no answer to this question.’

‘Thinking that Lord Sri Vishnu must have gone to Ksheera sagara (Ksheer sagar), that is, Lord Sri Vishnu’s eternal abode, all the deities led by Lord Sri Brahma Deva went there.’

‘They eulogized Lord Sri Narayana (Vishnu), who emerged from the Ksheera sagara (Ksheer sagar) (Divine ocean of milk).’

‘But, none of the deities except Lord Sri Brahma Deva could see Lord Sri Vishnu.’

‘Lord Sri Vishnu told Lord Sri Brahma Deva that the main reason why he disappeared from Badrikashrama (Badrinath) (Badrinatha) (Badrikashram)

‘This was because of the flawed intelligence and arrogance of the deities (Devatas).’

‘Lord Sri Brahma Deva informed the deities whatever Lord Sri Vishnu had told him.’

‘All the deities were ashamed of themselves and returned to heaven with long faces.’

‘Feeling pity on the deities, I (Lord Shiva) disguised myself as a sanyasi and carried Lord Sri Vishnu’s idol from Narada Teertha to Badrikashrama (Badrinath) (Badrinatha) (Badrikashram)’

‘And I (Lord Shiva) installed it (Lord Vishnu’s Idol) over there to uplift the sagging morale of the deities.’

‘This is how Lord Sri Vishnu once again graced Badrikashrama (Badrinath) (Badrinatha) (Badrikashram) with his presence.’

‘Even a grain of ‘prasadam‘ had at Badrikashrama (Badrinath) (Badrinatha) (Badrikashram) is enough to liberate a man from all his sins.’

This is the very place where even today Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) in his Sri Nara Narayana (Lord Adishesha and Lord Vishnu) avatar still exists.

Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) in his Sri Nara Narayana, means here Sri Narayana means svayam Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu).

And Sri Nara means the Sri Adishesha Naga (the same serpent on which Sri Hari sleeps) still has the abode.

Sri Adishesha Naga would never want to leave Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) alone.

Even in the Treta Yuga, Sri Adishesha Naga in his Sri Lakshmana avatar had taken birth along with Lord Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu to do seva of Sri Rama.

(Treta Yuga is the period when Lord Vishnu takes the avatar of Lord Rama as the son of Dasharatha and Kausalya Devi.)

In the Dwapara Yuga, Sri Adishesha Naga in his Sri Balarama avatar had taken birth along with Lord Sri Krishna Paramatma to do seva of Lord Sri Krishna.

(Dwapara Yuga is the period when Lord Vishnu takes the avatar of Lord Krishna as the son of Vasudeva and Devaki Devi.)

Similarly in the Kali Yuga, Sri Adishesha Naga has taken the Sri Nara avatar to do the seva of Lord Sri Narayana (Vishnu).

(Kali Yuga is the period which starts after Lord  Krishna leaves this earth and goes to his divine abode of Vaikuntha.)

Also in the same place svayam Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) in his another avatar, that is –

Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji (He is also an avatar of Lord Sri Hari / Vishnu) still lives in the same place physically.

This avatar of Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji is same avatar as during the Mahabharata period.

[During Mahabharata period Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji takes the avatar with the parents Rishi Parashara and Satyavati Devi.]

(We should note that Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji composed the great Mahabharata 600 years before it happened.)

Just around 800 years back when Sri Madhvacharya Ji (He was the one who again instigated the divine Dvaita Siddhanta) went to Sri Badrikashrama (Badrinath) (Badrinatha) (Badrikashram).

Sri Madhvacharya Ji met both the Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) avatars, that is, of the Lord Sri Nara Narayana and also Lord (Sage) Sri Veda Vyasa Ji.

This is the greatness of our great Bharata Bhoomi (India).

Svayam Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) and other Devatas / Demigods will take birth in India (Bharata / Bharat) to uplift his devotees.

This will go on and on and on…

Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) was the Adi Dharma (grand infinite Dharma), is the Greatest Dharma and will be the Greatest Dharma forever.

Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) is called as ‘Dharma‘, as it was started by svayam Sri Hari (Vishnu) (Narayana).

[Lord  Narayana (Vishnu) is the one who creates the unlimited Universes (Multiverse) in the form of Lord Narayana.]

Whereas all the other religions which existed earlier or which is existing today and which will exist in the future are created by mere humans.

Also we should note that Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) doesn’t has any end to it.

Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) is like a cycle, it keeps on repeating and repeating and repeating like a cycle…

After every Maha Kalpa, a new and fresh Maha Kalpa starts and this will go on and on and on…

In each Maha Kalpa Lord Sri Brahma Deva, Sri Sarasvati Devi, Sri Rudra Deva, Sri Parvati Devi and Devatas / Demigods changes.

Everybody and everything changes except Sri Hari (Vishnu) and Sri Mahalakshmi Devi.

Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) is the ‘Adi Deva‘, that is, he was present when nothing was there, he is present even today and also he will be present ever after.

Sri Mahalakshmi Devi is the greatest bhakte (devotee) of Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) and thus, She also stays along with Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) for ever.

Sri Mahalakshmi Devi can’t go away from Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) as she is the most dearest Devi of Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu).

For this reason Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu) has kept Sri Mahalakshmi Devi in his ‘Vaksha Sthala‘.

(I am not sure of the English word for ‘Vaksha Sthala‘. Nearest meaning is at the chest side).

Because of our ‘punya karma‘ (Good deeds), we have taken birth in this GREAT BHARATA Bhoomi (INDIA).

We are not sure in the next janma / life, where we would take birth.

If we don’t make use of the present life, then we may have to pay in this life itself and / or in the next lives.

Bharata Bhoomi (India) is called as the ‘Karma Bhoomi‘, as the Karmas done on this bhoomi (Place / India) only is counted.

It is left to us to believe the ‘GREAT SANATANA DHARMA (HINDUISM)‘ which was started by svayam Lord Sri Hari (Vishnu),

Or to follow the mere religions which are started by the mere people to get fame, power, greed, etc.

This is left to us.

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  • Geet Patel

    Hi Nice info..
    Can you please tell me where the Badrikashram is located? Is it the same as temple of Badrinath?

    Please share loation and address of Badrikashram..Is lord Narnarayan dev is idle is there in aashram?

    • Namaste Geet Patel,

      Yes, Badrikashram is the same place as Badrinath. But the original Badrikashram is a secret place in the interiors, which ordinary humans can’t reach as per Hindu Sanatana Dharma Purana stories. In this divine place, Bhagavan Sri Vishnu is still existing as Bhagavan Sri Narayana (Along with Nara of Nara-Narayana pair) and Bhagavan Sri Veda Vyasa Ji.
      Do read my other posts too, to know more about Hindu Sanatana Dharma. Keep in touch.


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