Are all Demons (Rakshas) are bad and all Brahmins are good in Hinduism?

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First let us understand from where does the Rakshasas / Daityas etc. came from.

The children of Kashyapa Maharshi and Diti Devi are called Rakshasas / Daityas etc. All Rakshasas / Daityas are not bad and similarly all Brahmanas (Brahmins) are not good.

Let us understand with few examples as below:

First we should remember that all the adhama jeevas / unlawful people are bad, whether he is born in Brahmana varna or in Kshatriya varna or in Vaishya varna or in Shudra varna or in any form, he / she is / are definitely bad people.

Similarly all the Dharmika jeevas / lawful people are definitely good people irrespective of his / her varna, that is may be he / she is born in any form or in Shudra varna or in Vaishya varna or in Kshetriya varna or in Brahmana varna.

This means all the adhama jeevas / unlawful people are not Bhagavad Bhaktas and similarly all the Dharmika jeevas / lawful people are all Bhagavad Bhaktas.

As said earlier all the children of Sri Kashyapa Maharshi and Diti Devi are called Rakshasas / Daityas.

This means all the children born to Sri Kashyapa Maharshi and Diti Devi are called Daityas / Rakshasas.

The word Daitya is derived from the word Diti.

Let us now understand the different forms of jeevas / people:

There are mainly three types of jeevas / people, that is:

1. Uttama jeeva

2. Madhyama jeeva

3. Adhama jeeva

1. Uttama jeeva: Uttama means, the jeevas / people who show greatest amount of bhakti towards Bhagavan Sri Vishnu / Sri Hari / Sri Krishna / Sri Raama and these are all the jeevas / people who get the greatest superior righteous anugraha / grace of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu and finally someone who get the mukti / moksha / freedom are called Uttama jeevas / people. 

2. Madhyama jeeva: Madhyama jeevas / people are those, who would show negligency towards bhakti and also who would show negligency towards Bhagavan Sri Vishnu are called Madhyma jeevas / people. 

These are the people who would always stay in this samsaara / materialist world.

Also, these are the jeevas / people who would never show interest in understanding who Bhagavan Sri Vishnu is?

3. Adhama jeeva: Adhama means, the jeevas / people who show greatest dvesha / hatred toward Bhagavan Sri Vishnu and these are all the jeevas / people who get the greatest inferior unrighteous anugraha / grace of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu and finally someone who would get the worst of the naraka yaatane / hellish distress are called Adhama jeevas / people.

But we may think, why Bhagavan Sri Vishnu has given birth to these three types of people. 

We should always remember that Sri Hari is called “Karunanidhi” and also called “Karuna Sagara”. This means Sri Hari always wants us to develop / come up in our lives (I am not talking about the materialist expectations). 

But we will get our anugraha / grace as per our earlier Karmas (our earlier lives Karma and also the present life Karma). 

Means, if we are doing good Karmas, we will fruits as per our good Karmas, and if we are doing bad Karmas means, we will get the fruits as per our bad Karmas.

To understand what is Karma, let us take a simple but a very thoughtful example:

If a child who is going to a school has studied through out the whole year, that is everyday this child would study with great interest and would understand almost all the content of the subject or subjects, then this child would definitely get good marks in his / her examination. 

Similarly if a child has studied to some extent, he / she has understood only part of the subject or subjects means, this child would get marks, but not very good marks. 

Also, finally if a child has not at all studied means, this child would get failed in the examination. 

This also explains the meaning of the above three jeevas / people, that is Uttama jeeva (very good student), Madhyama jeeva (somewhat good student) and Adhama jeeva (worst student).

Thus we can understand that jeevas / people who show great amount of bhakti towards Sri Hari would get mukti / moksha / freedom. 

The jeevas / people who show negligence / little amount of bhakti means, these jeevas / people would always stay in this materialistic world. 

And similarly, someone who shows dvesha / hatred toward Sri Hari would go the lower planets, that is to Narakas.

To express our bhakti, we / jeevas need satva guna. Negligence would lead us to rajo guna. Similarly, the dvesha / hatred would take us to the tamo guna.

Uttama jeeva / people according to his / her Karma can take birth in the vamsha / family of daityas / rakshasas. For example we know the greatness of Sri Prahalaada Raaja, Sri Balichakravarti etc.

Similarly the Adhama jeeva / people can take birth in a great vamsha / family. 

Examples for this are people like Duryodhan & his brothers (these jeevas / people are from the Great Kuru vamsha / family), King Vena (he is from the Great Druva Raaja vamsha / family) etc. 

Duryodhan & his brothers and King Vena were kruri / cruel in their behavior itself, that is their svabhava / nature itself is tamasa. 

Similarly in this Kaliyuga, in the Brahmana vamsha / family itself, tamasa guna / quality jeevas can also take birth. 

In our Great Shastras there is a saying which goes like this:

राक्षसाः कलीमाश्रित्य जायन्ते ब्रम्हयोनिषु |
ब्राहमणानेवा बाधन्ते तत्रापि श्रोत्रीयान कृशान ||

ರಾಕ್ಷಸಾಃ ಕಲಿಮಾಶ್ರಿತ್ಯ
ಜಾಯಂತೇ ಬ್ರಹ್ಮಯೋನಿಷು ।

ಬ್ರಾಹ್ಮಣಾನೇವ ಬಾಧಂತೇ ತತ್ರಾಪಿ ಶ್ರೋತ್ರಿಯಾನ್‌ ಕೃಶಾನ್‌ ।।

rākṣasāḥ kalimāśritya jāyantē brahmayōniṣu।

brāhmaṇānēva bādhantē tatrāpi śrōtriyān‌ kr̥śān‌ ।।

Meaning of the above shloka : The jeevas / people who have the support of the Kali (kaliyuga’s Kali), means the worst people, will take birth as Brahmanas. 

After these types of people take birth, they will always be giving problems to the other good Brahmanas. In that, especially for the Shrotriya Brahmanas (highly weak / emotional Brahmanas), these types of people give lots of problems.

Let us assume an example to understand this:

During the Great Mahabharata period, there used to be a Rakshasa / Daitya called Jatasura. 

He was a Brahmana and had a very long jataa (someone who has long hairs on the head) and was causing problems to the people and Brahmanas who used to come for yaatre / pilgrimage. 

Not only he used to cause problems to the good Brahmanas and other people, but he was also killing them. 

He also tried to kill the Great Pandavas, but he himself was killed in the hands of the Great Bhimasena. 

Thus we should understand that being born as Brahmana, it doesn’t mean he / she is a good person. 

Even in Brahmanas, there are tamasa jeevas / people. 

Similarly if someone is born in the Rakshasa / Daitya vamsha / family doesn’t mean he / she has to be tamasa jeeva / person. 

Even in Rakshasa / Daitya vamsha / family, there are lots of Bhagavad bhaktas (devotees of Sri Hari). 

Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra, Daitya, Rakshasa, pishacha etc. all are having there own yonis. 

Thus we should understand that all jeevas / people who are born in one particular varna are not Rakshasa / Daityas or not even Brahmanas. All depends on our previous and present Karma.

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