Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) festival information, significance, importance, facts

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Just before moving towards to know about “Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) festival information, significance, importance, facts“, let us know few basic and important information.

Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) gives importance to the brother and sister relationship, similar to Rakhi festival.

In this festival of Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya), brother is Lord Yama and sister is Yamuna Devi (Yami) (River Yamuna).

Both Lord Yama and Yamuna (River Yamuna) are the children of Lord Surya (Sun God) (father) and Sharanyu (Sanjna) Devi (mother).

One of Yama’s meaning is twin brother. That is, twin brother of Yamuna Devi (River Yamuna).

Lord Yama is a deity of dharma.

Lord Yama is one of the ‘ashta dikpalakas‘ and Lord Yama looks after the south direction, and the underworld.

Lord Yama’s wife name is called as ‘Shyamala‘.

Lord Yama’s other names are Yamaraja, Dharmaraja, Kala (काळ).

Lord Yama’s weapons are Danda, Noose and Mace.

Lord Yama’s mount or vehicle name is Mahisha (A Buffalo).

Lord Yama’s children names are Sunita, Yamakumara.

Lord Yama’s siblings are Yami (Yamuna), Ashvins, Shraddhadeva Manu, Revanta, Lord Shani Deva and Tapati.

Yamuna Devi (River Yamuna) mount or vehicle is Tortoise.

Festivals related with Yamuna Devi (River Yamuna) are Yamuna Jayanti, Surya shashti, Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya).

Yamuna Devi (River Yamuna) siblings are Lord Yama, Lord Shani Deva, Tapati, Revanta, Ashvins and Vaivasvata Manu.

Yamuna Devi (River Yamuna) is also called as Kalindi and she is one of the main ‘ashta bharyas‘ (8 consorts) of Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna and Yamuna Devi (Kalindi / River Yamuna) children names are Kavi, Subahu, Shanti, Purnamasa, Vrisha, Somaka, Veera, Bhadra, Shruta, and Darsha.

Now, let us know about Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya)- Bhaginee hastena bhojana
It is observed on Karthika Shudda dviteeya

Information about Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) is as given below:

Here Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) is a divine festival related to brother and sister.

About भगिनी हस्तेन भोजन / ಭಗಿನೀ ಹಸ್ತೇನ ಭೋಜನ / bhaginī hastēna bhōjana : Here bhaginī = sister, hastēna = through the hands of, and bhōjana = having food.

In the festival of Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya), sister will serve food to his brother through her own hands.

Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) is observed on the Dwitiya day (second day) of the Shukla Paksha in Kartika masam.

Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) is one of the grand celebrations during the five days of Deepawali (Diwali) period.

Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) celebrations has to be observed in the noon by worshipping Lord Yama.

Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) is associated with Lord Yama and his sister Yamuna Devi (River Yamuna)

Lord Yama visits his sister Yamuna (Yamuna river) (Yami) on Dwitiya day (second day) of the Shukla Paksha in Kartika masam.

This festival called as Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) is a symbol of love and oneness between brother(s) and sister(s).

On Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) day, one has to do the pooja of Lord Yama, Chitragupta (Lord Yama’s minister) and other divine followers of Lord Yama.

We should always remember to worship Lord Vishnu and Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi first and later to Lord Yama and others as mentioned above.

On the auspicious day of Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya), we have to give ‘arghya‘ to Lord Yama.

Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) story is as given below:

Once, Lord Yama, the King of Yama Loka, visited his sister Yamuna Devi.

Yamuna Devi is the same as the River Yamuna and she is also known as Yami, Kalindi, etc.

On the dwitiya day (second day) of the Shukla Paksha in Kartika masam after Diwali, Yamuna Devi (River Yamuna) welcomed her brother Lord Yama.

Yamuna Devi (River Yamuna) welcomed Lord Yama by applying the divine and auspicious tilaka (tilak) on his forehead.

Later, the brother and sister (Lord Yama and Yamuna Devi) exchanged gifts.

Yamuna Devi (River Yamuna) also served Lord Yama with his favorite dishes.

Lord Yama who was overwhelmed by the love of his sister is believed to have said to Yamuna Devi (River Yamuna) that –

“Who receives Tilak (Tilaka) from his sister on Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) day, will have to never suffer hell (Naraka)”.

Since then Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) is observed as a symbol of love and affection between brother(s) and sister(s).

If there is no sister for someone, he can go to his father’s sister house or to his friend’s sister house.

After the food (bhojana), the brother has to serve gift to his sister.

Note : The person who visits his sister’s house on this day of Bhai Dooj (Yama Dwitiya) –

And who will have food served by his sister, will gain long life and he will never have to face the Naraka (Hell).

Similarly, that sister’s husband will also gain long life and both that sister and her husband will live happily throughout their life.

These blessings are given by Lord Yama himself.

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