How Lord Brahma got mystified in front of Lord Krishna

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Just before going to “How Lord Brahma got mystified in front of Lord Krishna“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Lord Sri Brahma Deva is called as ‘Jeevottama (jeevottam)‘ (जीवोत्तम / ಜೀವೋತ್ತಮ / jīvōttama), as he is best among all the Jeevas (Living beings).

Lord Sri Brahma Deva is the son of Lord Sri Vishnu and Lord Sri Brahma takes birth from the ‘nabhi’ (navel) of Lord Sri Vishnu.

Since Lord Sri Brahma Deva takes birth from the ‘nabhi’ (navel) of Lord Sri Vishnu, Lord Sri Vishnu is called as ‘Lord Padmanabha‘.

Here Padmanabha means, Padmanabha = Padma + Nabha = Lotus flower + Born from navel.

Since Lord Sri Brahma Deva is born from the nabhi (navel) of Lord Sri Vishnu and will be seating on a Lotus flower (Padma), Lord Sri Vishnu is called as ‘Lord Padmanabha‘.

Lord Brahma the biggest God of this universe after Lord Vishnu and Goddess Maha Lakshmi Devi, once thought of mystifying swayam Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramatma.

He reached the Dwaraka Puri and saw billions and trillions of Lord Brahmas there.

One Lord Brahma had 10 faces, one Lord Brahma had 100 faces, one Lord Brahma had 1000 faces and so on.

Thus the Lord Brahma of our universe got himself in such an embarrassing position, that –

after seeing so many Lord Brahmas of different universes got himself mystified. 

All the Lord Brahmas heads were bowing down in front of the Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramatma.

Our four headed Lord Brahma forgotten that he is Lord to one universe only.

Whereas Bhagavan Sri Krishna Paramatma or Srimann Narayana is Lord of billions and trillions (Unlimited), that is infinite number of universes (Multiverses).

We can find this description of the above in Srimad Bhagavatam (Sri Vishnu Purana) Shloka as given below:

एवं सम्मोहयं विष्णुं विमोहं विश्व-मोहनं | स्वयैव माययाजो ‘पि स्वयं एव विमोहितः || SB 10.13.44 ||

ಏವಂ ಸಂಮೋಹಯಂ ವಿಷ್ಣುಂ ವಿಮೋಹಂ ವಿಶ್ವ-ಮೋಹನಂ | ಸ್ವಯೈವ ಮಾಯಯಾಜೋ ‘ಪಿ ಸ್ವಯಂ ಏವ ವಿಮೋಹಿತಃ || SB 10.13.44 ||

ēvaṁ sammōhayaṁ viṣṇuṁ vimōhaṁ viśva-mōhanaṁ | svayaiva māyayājō’pi svayaṁ ēva vimōhitaḥ || SB 10.13.44 ||

Meaning : ēvaṁ = Thus, in this way; sammōhayaṁ = Wanting to mystify; viṣṇuṁ = The all-pervading Bhagavan Sri Vishnu (Bhagavan Sri Krishna);

vimōhaṁ = Who (Bhagavan Sri Krishna) can never be mystified; viśva-mōhanaṁ = But who (Bhagavan Sri Krishna) mystifies the entire universe;

svaya = By his (Sri Brahma Deva’s) own; eva = Certainly; māyayā = By mystic powers; ajaḥ = Sri Brahma Deva; api = Even;

svayaṁ = He himself (Sri Brahma Deva); ēva = Definitely; vimōhitaḥ = Was put into bafflement and got himself mystified.

TRANSLATION : Thus finally because Sri Brahma Deva tried to mystify the Sarvottama (Supreme)

and Sarva Vyapi (Omnificent / All-pervading) Bhagavan Sri Krishna, who can never ever be mystified.

On the contrary it is Bhagavan Sri Krishna is the one who mystifies all, Sri Brahma Deva he himself was put into bafflement by his own mystic power.

Here we need to note and think that, as an ordinary humans we have such a BIGGGGG EGOOOO.

Compared to Sri Brahma Deva we are nothing, we are not even a micro-est, nano-est, pico-est……….., but still we have such a BIGGGGGGGG EGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Just give up your EGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO now itself and be happy 😛 !

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