How warriors are classified in Hinduism

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Hinduism is amazing and it has all the ingredients to look for.

Hinduism has great Grantas (Hindu divine books) which describe anything and everything related to Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) started from before the birth of a baby until and after death too.

Hinduism explains how the heart beat starts, when it starts in the foetus (unborn baby). Hinduism has answers to all the questions around the world.

Among those, let us now know about the different warriors classification in Hinduism. According to the Great Sanatana Dharma, there are different warriors who can be classified into different groups.

Let us understand, how and why the warriors are classified into multiple groups:

1. रथीRathi:

He / She is a warrior capable of attacking a minimum of 5,000 warriors simultaneously.

(Examples are Dasharatha Maharaja, Janaka Maharaja, Jatayu Pakshi, Vibhishana Maharaja etc).

2. अतिरथी/ Atirathi:

He / She is a warrior capable of contending at least a minimum of 12 Rathis or 60,000 (5,000×12) warriors simultaneously.

(Examples are Jambuvanta, Bharata Maharaja, Sugriva, Khara, Drupada etc). 

3. महारथीMaharathi:

He / She is a warrior capable of fighting 12 Atirathis or 720,000 warriors simultaneously.

(Examples are Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Vaali, Lakshmana, Balarama, Bhishma, Drona, Karana, Asvattama, Vrishasena, Arjuna, Abhimanyu, Jarasandha, Kamsa etc) 

4. अतिमहारथी/ Atimaharathi:

He / She is a warrior capable of fighting 12 Maharathis warriors simultaneously.

Sri Indra Deva, Sri Surya Deva , Bhandasura , Mahishasura and Ravana’s son Indrajita (Meghanatha) are considered as a Atimaharathi warriors.

Indrajita was an expert in magic or illusion and at a very young age. He is considered as the most powerful and the only warrior who ever possessed the three ultimate weapons of Trimurti – Brahmanda Astra, Vaishnava Astra and Pashupatastra. 

5. महामहारथी/ Mahamaharathi:

He / She is a warrior capable of fighting 24 Atimaharathis warriors simultaneously.

Warriors who can be called Mahamaharathis are Sri Vishnu / Sri Rama / Sri Krishna, Sri Brahma Deva / Sri Mukhyapraana Deva (Sri Vayu Deva, that is next Sri Brahma Deva), Sri Shiva and Sri Durga Devi.

But we always remember that Sri Vishnu / Sri Rama / Sri Krishna is Bhagavan / God and all others are only his followers. Sri Vishnu / Sri Rama / Sri Krishna is completely independent and never depend on anyone. 

But all others mentioned above are completely dependent on Sri Vishnu / Sri Rama / Sri Krishna to become a महामहारथी / Mahamaharathi or any rathi. 

Without Sri Vishnu / Sri Rama / Sri Krishna aashirvaada / will, nobody can do anything, means all are completely depended on Sri Vishnu / Sri Krishna / Sri Rama.

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