What is Narasimha jayanti (birthday / appearance day) and when it is celebrated

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Just before going to the main subject, let us know very briefly about Bhagavan Sri Narasimha.

Bhagavan Sri Narasimha is an avatar of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu. Bhagavan Sri Narasimha takes his avatar to save his devotee named Prahlada.

Bhagavan Sri Vishnu is the most kindest. If even the smallest of the smallest devotee calls him with true devotion, he will definitely come to save. The devotee must have full faith and devotion in Bhagavan Sri Vishnu. Then definitely Bhagavan Sri Vishnu will rescue his devotee.

Meaning of Narasimha = Nara + Simha = Divine Human + Divine Lion.

Now let us go to our main subject:

Jayanti means divine birthday / appearance day.

Bhagavan Sri Narasimha’s Jayanti is celebrated on Vaishakha Shukla Chaturdashi (That is, Vaishakha maasa / month, Shukla paksha / bright fortnight and on Chaturdashi / fourth day of the month).

Bhagavan Sri Vishnu appeared in the form of Bhagavan Sri Narasimha on this day as a half divine lion and half divine man to kill the rakshasa / demon Hiranyakashipu.

When Vaisakha Shukla Chaturdashi and Swati Nakshatra intercepts on the same day, it is considered as very auspicious day.

Let us consider a divine shloka from Bhagavatam / Vishnu Purana:

सत्यं विधातुं निजभृत्यभाषितं व्याप्तिं च भूतेष्वखिलेषु चात्मनः |
अदृष्यतात्यद्भुतरूपमद्वहन् स्तंभे सभायां न मृगं न मानुषं ||

ಸತ್ಯಂ ವಿಧಾತುಂ ನಿಜಭೃತ್ಯಭಾಷಿತಂ ವ್ಯಾಪ್ತಿಂ ಚ ಭೂತೇಷ್ವಖಿಲೇಷು ಚಾತ್ಮನ: |
ಅದೃಷ್ಯತಾತ್ಯದ್ಭುತರೂಪಮುದ್ವಹನ್ ಸ್ತಂಭೇ ಸಭಾಯಾಂ ನ ಮೃಗಂ ನ ಮಾನುಷಂ ||

Sathyam Vidhaatum Nijabhrutyabhaashitam Vyaaptim Cha Bhooteshwaghileshu Chaatmanah |
Adhrushyata Atyatbhuta Roopamudvahan Stambhe Sabhaayaam Na Mrugam Na MaanushaM ||

(Reference: Bhagavata / Vishnu Purana, Saptama Skanda, Adhyaya 8, shloka 18)


satyam= true; vidhātum = to prove; nija-bhṛtya-bhāṣitam = the words of His own servant (Prahlāda Mahārāja, who had said that his Bhagavan is present everywhere and in everything);

vyāptim = the pervasion; cha = and; bhūteṣu = among the living entities and elements; akhileṣu = all over and everything; cha = also; ātmanaḥ = of Himself;

adṛśyata = was seen; ati = very very; adbhuta = marvelous; rūpam = form; udvahan = taking; stambhe = in the pillar; sabhāyām = within the assembly; na = not; mṛgam = an animal; na = nor; mānuṣam = a human being.

Translation of the above shloka:

To prove that the words of His (Bhagavan Sri Narasimha) servant / devotee Prahlāda was substantial in other words, to prove that the Sarvottama / Supreme Bhagavan is present everywhere and in everything, even within the pillar of an assembly hall, the Sarvottama / Supreme Bhagavan, that is, Bhagavan Sri Vishnu exhibited a marvelous form never ever been seen before by anyone.

The form was neither that of a man nor that of a lion. Thus the Bhagavan appeared in His (Bhagavan Sri Narasimha) marvelous form in the assembly hall.

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