List of Ekadashi fasting (upavasam) days names

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Let us learn the “List of Ekadashi fasting (upavasam) days”: “Hari din / Day of Hari – Ekadashi upavasam / fasting”.

Namaste mitragan / friends, first let us know the meaning of “Upavasam” –

“Upavasam” means, one should stay away from the banned things and should always think and do only the works which will make Sri Vishnu / Sri Hari / Sri Krishna / Sri Rama happy.

The bhoga (luxury, lust etc.) things should not be done and used in any way at all on the GREAT Ekadashi fasting / Upavasam day.

When does the GREAT Ekadashi Vrata starts –

When does the GREAT Ekadashi Vrata starts – Ekadhashi Vrata begins with the sankalpam on the Dashami day and then fasting on the Ekadashi day and doing Parana on Dwadashi day. 

Since it is spread over three days it got the name ‘Dinatraya’ (here ‘dina’ means day and ‘traya’ means three).

Purification of all senses will happen by doing the GREAT Ekadashi Vrata – 

Ekadashi / Eleven indriyas

This means the bad Karmas which we had done through the inner mind, Pancha / five jnanendriyas 

(nose – ghrana, eyes – caksu, tongue – rasana, skin – tvak and ears – srotra)

Pancha / five karmendriyas 

(Vaak – speech, Paani – hands, Paada – feet, Paayu – excretory organ and Upastha – organ of reproduction) will be freed as soon as we start doing the GREAT Ekadashi Vrata.

YamaBhaada, Shani kaataas will be solved if one does the GREAT Ekadashi Vrata.

The ‘samudra manthana’ (ocean churning) took place on the Great Ekadashi day itself and on the ‘Dwadashi’ day Sri Mahalakshmi Devi got emerged from the ocean. This is very clearly said in the ‘Padma Purana’.

List of Ekadashi fasting (upavasam) days are as given below:

Maasa / Month – Shukla Paksha

1. Chaitra – Kaamadaa

2. Vaishakha – Mohini

3. Jyeshta – Nirjala

4. Ashaada – Padmaa (Shayanaikaadashi)

5. Shravana – Putradaa

6. Bhadrapada – Jayanti, Parivartini

7. Aashveeja – Paapaankushaa

8. Kartika – Prabhodini

9. Margashirshaa – Utpannaa, Mokshadaa

10. Pushya – Putradaa

11. Maagha – Jayaa

12. PhalGuNa – Amalikaa

13. ADhika – Padmini

Maasa / Month – Krishna Paksha

14. Chaitra – Paapamochinee

15. Vaishakha – Varoothini

16. Jyeshtha – Aparaa

17. Ashaada – Yogini

18. Shravana – Kaamikaa

19. Bhadrapada – Ajaa

20. Aashveeja – Indiraa

21. Kartika – Ramaa

22. Margashirshaa – Pavitra, Utpatti

23. Pushya – Saphalaa

24. Maagha – ShaTtilaa

25. PhalGuNa – Vijayaa

26. ADhika – Paramaa, Paapavimochini

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