What is Madhusudan (Krishna / Vishnu name) meaning in (Sanskrit)

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To understand the meaning of Madhusudana, first of all let us understand what is Madhuripu means?

Madhuripu = Madhu + Ripu; Madhu = Divine honey and Ripu = Enemy; and Madhuripu means the enemy of honey.

Now let us understand, what is the relationship between honey and enemy?

Here we have to understand the meaning as per Hindu Sanatana Dharma shastras (divine theory).

Bhagavan Vishnu in his Bhagavan Hayagriva avatar.

We should all be knowing, who are the enemies of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu?

Answer is easy and simple. All the ‘Adharmis’ (Asuras / demons) are the enemies of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu.

The divine name Madhu is one of the ‘ananta’ (unlimited) names of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu.

That is, from the shloka 8 of “Sri Vishnu Sahasranama”, that is, “mADhavO-maDhuh” (Madhavo Madhuh), we should note that of this “mADhavO-maDhuh” = He is the one who is the slayer of the demon known as Madhu.

Bhagavan Sri Vishnu in his avatar of Bhagavan Sri Hayagriya (divine horse form) has killed the asuras / demons known as Madhu & Kaitabha to re-restore the lost divine Vedas which were stolen from Sri Brahma Deva by these two demons (Madhu & Kaitabha).

Left: Bhagavan Vishnu fighting with demons Madhu & Kaitabha; Right: After slaying the demons.

In Srimad Bhagavatam (Vishnu Purana) in 2nd and 7th chapter, we can find the references of this.

Madhu-Kaitabha (two demons) are personification of passion and ignorance and Bhagavan Sri Vishnu as Bhagavan Sri Hayagriva is the Sarvottama / Supreme God of Knowledge and destroyer of ignorance.

Also going to the Sri Vishnu Sahasranama stotram shloka # 88 we find Lord Vishnu being described as “Shatrujit–Shatrutaapanah”.

The meaning of this is, “Bhagavan Sri Vishnu is the destroyer of all shatrus (immoral forces), and Bhagavan Sri Vishnu is the conquerer any and all army and also, Bhagavan Sri Vishnu is the terror to all Adharmis, Bhagavan Sri Vishnu is the one who can easily create panic in the enemy (Adhrmis) camp.

That is the greatness of our greatest Bhagavani Sri Vishnu and he is not only the slayer of external enemies, but also the destroyer of internal enemies.

Left: Bhagavan Hayagriya returning Vedas; Right: Bhagavan Hayagriya with his consort Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi.

That is, of the the Arishadvargas. He is an Ari (Shatru / eneny) to shadvargas = Shad + Vargas (six inner foes or faults of men).

All who follow the steps of Adharma (That is, Asuras) are enemies (Ripu) of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu.

Thus Bhagavan Sri Vishnu is called “Madhavo-Madhusudana”, because he is the one who is as unlimitedly & divinely sweet and delicious as Honey (Madhu) and he is the one who is a provider of nourishment-Also he is the slayer of Adharmis like the demons Madhu & Kaitabha.

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